Kofi Kingston Names Two Goals He Wants Before He Retires

Kofi Kingston Names Two Goals He Wants Before He Retires WWE

Kofi Kingston has done basically all there is to do during his WWE career, even capturing his first world title back at WrestleMania 35.

Recently he and Xavier Woods made their way down to NXT, capturing the NXT Tag Team Championship from Pretty Deadly at NXT Deadline last weekend.

Kofi has become famous for his incredible displays in Royal Rumble matches, avoiding elimination in incredible ways.

In the end though, Kingston has never ended up victorious in a Rumble match.

Kofi recently spoke to The Bubba Show on 100.7 The Star in Pittsburgh, where he was asked about the goals he has left to achieve in his career.

Kofi said that he would love to win the Royal Rumble at some point in his career.

He said:

“The one thing? There’s a lot. Winning the Rumble would be great.

“There’s a list. You’ve got to stay hungry. You don’t stay around this long by sitting on your laurels.”

Kofi went on to say that he also hopes to one day wrestle in Africa, specifically his home nation of Ghana.

He said:

“Having a match in Africa, in Ghana specifically. We just had a tryout in Nigeria —well, not the actual tryout, but they announced the tryout that’s going to happen in January. And the winner of that is going to be able to compete with everybody in Los Angeles leading up to Wrestlemania. So that’s huge man.

“People talk about wrestling and you know, “Oh, well, that’s scripted. And so that’s not real.” But like, the impact that we have on the world is very real, very real. And it’s crazy to be a part of that. So I can’t, you know, it’s a big cop out answer here, because you’re asking me to narrow it down to one particular thing, but there’s so many things that I would love to do in the industry.

“I’ve just been fortunate to have been around for so long and really, to, you know, experience, again, and I keep saying it, but just the energy of the WWE Universe all the time.”

Kofi will get another chance to win the Royal Rumble, as he is set to participate in the 2023 version of the match.

He is currently the only name announced for the match.

transcription via WrestleZone

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