Konnan Health Update After Hospitalization

Konnan Health Update After Hospitalization

A report has given us an update on the health conditions of Konnan after being hospitalized with kidney failure late last week.

Konnan was recently released from hospital after being treated for serious kidney issues. A new report has revealed that he is improving at home, but is still receiving medical assistance.

As per Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, Konnan is assisted by a nurse at home. He is having to take various medictions, but seems to be doing better than he was last week.

Meltzer admitted he was initially concerned for Konnan, as his kidney treatment came with the side effect of weakening his immune system.

Here is the full quote:

“He’s out of hospital, so it’s better than he was doing a week ago. I did hear from him today. He’s home, he needs a nurse, he needs a lot of medicine and things like that. It was really bad a week ago. Bad enough that they talked to him about what decision should be made if his kidney stopped working or his heart stopped working, so it was really bad.

“I feared, when I heard that he had COVID, I really feared a lot because his immune system is very weak from having the kidney transplant, and all the anti-rejection drugs he takes and took back in the day and everything like that. His whole health has been messed up ever since 2007, maybe even before, but since 2007 for sure. But he is better than he was, so that’s good. He is home, but he’s still getting pretty much around-the-clock care.”

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Konnan had received a kidney transplant in 2007 and dealt with major side effects at the time from anti-rejection drugs.

An eventful career, Konnan has wrestled for the likes of AAA, CMLL and IMPACT Wrestling. His most recent match took place just over two weeks ago at MLW Fightland.

WrestleTalk wishes Konnan a safe and healthy recovery.

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