Ex-WWE Star Wanted To Join Chris Jericho’s Band

Ex-WWE Star Wanted To Join Chris Jericho’s Band WWE

According to Kurt Angle, he has an unfulfilled proposition for Chris Jericho that would have been his ‘dream’. Find out what it is!

Olympic Gold medalist and WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle opens up about a dream of his that he never pursued and how it involved AEW star Chris Jericho.

On his Kurt Angle Show, Angle spoke about his musical aspirations, including one rockstar dream that he had always wanted to pitch to Chris Jericho.

Angle said:

“I had this dream. I knew Chris Jericho was the lead singer for his band. We were in WWE and every day I wanted to go up to him and just say, ‘Hey, can I be part of your band? We can do an album, and WWE can record it, and we could be big rock stars.’

“I thought, ‘You know what? I’m a drummer. I’m really good. So I think Chris would would take me in.’ But the problem is he already had a drummer, so I never asked him. I wish I would have. There could have been two drummers in his band. You never know.”

While it is possible Jericho would have been open to having two drummers for Fozzy, Angle stuck with wrestling and the rest is history.

As for Angle’s favorite song to play on drums? Easy answer he says:

“Tom Sawyer. Neil Peart is a badass. It took me five years to perfect that song. The drums in that song are the most difficult drumming I’ve ever seen. I can play it perfectly. The whole drum solo, everything.”

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Transcription via Fightful

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