Kurt Angle Says Jason Jordan Still Has Injury Problems To This Day

Kurt Angle Says Jason Jordan Still Has Injury Problems To This Day WWE

One of the most infamous WWE angles in recent years saw WWE unveil American Alpha star Jason Jordan as WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle’s illegitimate son.

Jordan was rejected in the role, but he was just beginning to get into his groove as the obnoxious daddy’s boy, before he went down with a neck injury.

At the time, it was not known how long Jordan would be out of action for, before eventually it was revealed that Jordan would never be able to step into the ring again.

Like father like on-screen son, Kurt Angle spoke about Jordan’s injury on the Kurt Angle Show, and his previous issues with the same injury that Jordan suffered.

He explained:

“What happens is your vertebrae, you have discs in between each vertebrae. When you injure your neck, the disc slides. What happens is it slides to the side. So it’s sticking out of the vertebrae. You have nerves that come out of the vertebrae, and those get blocked by the disc. Then you can’t feel your arm and you don’t have motor skills with one arm or both arms depending if they slide both ways. So usually, it’s just one way. You can’t feel one arm and you can’t use one arm. That’s what Jason was having trouble with. His disc sled and blocked the nerves to his arm.”

Angle was then asked if the surgery had helped alleviate all of the issues he had, to which Angle responded:

“Not really, I can’t feel my two pinkies at all. I’ve had a lot of problems with my motor skills and my arms went numb for periods of time. I’ve lost about three inches in both arms. So my arms have atrophied. It’s tough. When you do these quick fix surgeries. That’s what Jason did. That’s what I did. Instead of doing fusion. You’re gonna have some problems down the road. Eventually I’m going to have to have fusion. I should have had it already, and I didn’t.”

Angle then continued on, revealing that Jason Jordan is still suffering issues with the injury to this day in his role as a producer for WWE.

He said:

“You know what’s crazy he has problems to this day. His motor skills, his hands are on and off all the time. He just can never get right. I’m not sure why that’s occurring with him because with me at least I got relief at times. With him, he’s never gotten relief. He has been really struggling with it for years.”

transcription via SEScoops

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