WWE Hall Of Famers Filming Content For WWE

WWE Hall Of Famers Filming Content For WWE WWE

Two WWE Hall of Famers have been filming content for WWE and have shared an on-set photo.

Kurt Angle has shared a photo of himself with hardcore legend Mick Foley, between filming for an upcoming episode of WWE Most Wanted Treasures.

The Olympic gold medalist said in a post to Twitter:

“I’m with the great Mick Foley shooting WWE’s Most Wanted Treasures today. Got the little cowboy hat and badges out for the shoot. So much fun!! Memories and moments!! #itstrue”

The cowboy hat and sheriff badge is a reference to a segment from the Attitude era when ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin gifted Kurt Angle a cowboy hat in jest.

Angle took the gift to heart and returned the favor by giving Austin and Vince McMahon a sheriff’s badge.

WWE Most Wanted Treasures is a treasure hunt-style show featuring names from WWE traveling across the country in search of pro wrestling collectables.

The second season is currently in production. Mick Foley was previously featured in the first episode where he went on the hunt for Mr Socko, an original Cactus Jack flannel jacket and for an original leather vest worn by Mankind. 

The show has also featured searches for Ric Flair’s Black Butterfly robe that he wore during his WWE in-ring debut at the 1992 Royal Rumble, and a snake bag used by Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts to house Damien.

The return date for Most Wanted Treasures has not yet been confirmed, so you’ll have to stay tuned to find out if Angle and Foley locate the items they’ve been tasked to look for.

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