WWE Hall Of Famer Comments On Endeavor’s Plans For WWE & UFC Merger

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WWE Hall Of Famer Comments On Endeavor’s Plans For WWE & UFC Merger WWE/UFC

A WWE Hall of Famer has commented on Endeavor’s plans for the WWE and UFC merger.

Following WrestleMania 39, WWE announced that the company had entered an agreement with Endeavor that would see plans to merge WWE and UFC under a new publicly-traded entity.

On the latest episode of his podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle reflected on the history of WWE and UFC as well as how crossovers were previously not allowed. He said:

“It’s crazy. One group owns both companies now. It’s ridiculous. It’s crazy because when you were wrestling, you weren’t allowed to dabble with UFC.”

“When you were with the UFC, you weren’t allowed to dabble with WWE. If you did, they would turn you down because Dana White did not want anybody under contract to WWE that was in UFC.”

“So they felt they were competing, even though, honestly, they were not competing. One’s fighting and one’s sports entertainment, but for some reason, now, they’re together, which is crazy.”

“You know what? They can help each other out, though. They could promote each other. It might be good,” 

Kurt Angle also addressed the finish to the Roman Reigns vs. Cody Rhodes WrestleMania 39 main event on the episode, which you can read here.

As previously mentioned, UFC President Dana White slapped down on “dummies online” who are expecting a change to the legitimacy of UFC under the WWE merger.

WrestleTalk readers can follow the developing Endeavor story using this link.

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