Kurt Angle Says Chris Jericho Has Overtaken Shawn Michaels As Greatest Ever

1 year ago by Amanda Savage

Kurt Angle Says Chris Jericho Has Overtaken Shawn Michaels As Greatest Ever

When discussing the greatest of all time in wrestling, there is truly a wide array of answers but for Kurt Angle, there is only one.

Chris Jericho recently appeared on Kurt Angle’s podcast, and while he was there received a very nice compliment from the host.

Angle said:

“Chris, I wanted to tell you this, I’ve always thought Shawn Michaels was the greatest of all time and I’m not telling you this to blow smoke up your ass, but what you’ve been able to accomplish in AEW, & how long you’ve been able to have this career, I think you have taken over as the greatest of all time. You really have. I mean that with all my heart.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Jericho discussed the biggest difference between AEW and WWE, commented on the possible return to the ring of Stone Cold Steve Austin and revealed the one thing that AEW boss Tony Khan has “never given anybody.”

Jericho has also recently commented on whether or not he would be retiring his mega-popular Judas theme song in light of a dramatic heel turn which saw him turn his back on his former faction the Inner Circle, and creating a new faction around himself titled the “Jericho Appreciation Society.” He seemed to answer the question on last night’s (March 16) episode, still entering to the theme with the crowd passionately singing along.

Transcription via Reddit user u/hajahe155

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