Wrestling Legend On Learning WWE Plans Through The Draft: ‘It Was A Surprise’

4 weeks ago by Jamie Toolan

Wrestling Legend On Learning WWE Plans Through The Draft: ‘It Was A Surprise’ WWE

With WWE currently in the midst of it’s latest WWE draft a WWE Hall of Famer’s views have been revealed regarding one of WWE’s most controversial draft moves.

The move in question was from 2006, and was the decision to draft established star Kurt Angle to the brand new incarnation of the ECW brand.

Speaking with Fightful (via Fightful Select), Angle would reveal his thoughts at the time regarding his move to ECW and other draft moves during his time in WWE.

Angle said:

“I didn’t know on any of the drafts. I didn’t know where I was going or what I was doing. I wasn’t told anything. It was just a surprise.

“You’re sitting there waiting and your name comes up. I think I got drafted in the first round for ECW and the second round for Smackdown and I didn’t know beforehand that I was. It was a surprise.

“I don’t know. I really don’t know how the fans reacted to it. You’re doing your job. It doesn’t matter where you go.

“You’re gonna continue to do it whether it’s WCW, WWE, ECW. Doesn’t really matter. As long as you’re working, you’re making a paycheck, that’s all you care about”

Despite Angle’s indifferent opinion on the move to ECW, in retrospect it has not aged overly well given it was Angle’s last in his first WWE run and given the unfortunate fate of WWE’s ECW brand.

WWE’s ECW brand was eventually replaced by NXT in 2010, albeit in a very different form to the NXT that is exists today.

Multiple NXT stars have already been involved in this year’s WWE draft, to find out what stars have been called up thus far click here.

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