Kurt Angle wins global battle royal to qualify for World Cup

4 years ago by Wrestle Talk

Kurt Angle wins global battle royal to qualify for World Cup

The next entrant in WWE‘s World Cup Tournament at Crown Jewel has been confirmed: Kurt Angle will join John Cena as two of the four representatives from Raw. Cena was gifted a place in the tournament without having to qualify, due to his legacy in the company.

Angle’s qualification came about from Baron Corbin’s decision to make a ‘Global Battle Royal’ on Raw to determine the next entrant in the tournament. Corbin filled the ring with unknown jobbers, all based on stereotypes of different countries (classic WWE).

One of the participants was supposedly 1980s tag team star Conquistador (whether it was Uno or Dos was never mentioned), dressed in trademark all gold with a gold face mask. The Conquistador spent most of the match sitting on the outside of the ring, as Corbin lay waste to the hapless participants.

Corbin thought he had the match won, but Conquistador returned to the ring and drilled him with three German suplexes then clotheslined him over the top for the win. The masked man then showed his face, revealing himself to be Kurt Angle.

The crowd went crazy at the reveal while Corbin looked on shocked. Chances are this is setting up a rumoured Survivor Series showdown between teams made up of Angle and Corbin’s allies.

The third and fourth entrants into the World Cup will be revealed tomorrow when Randy Orton faces The Big Show and Jeff Hardy battles Samoa Joe on Smackdown Live. With Angle now in the tournament, could we get a first-time-ever WWE meeting between former TNA rivals Joe and Angle at Crown Jewel?

Are you excited to see Angle return? Who do you think will will the World Cup? Let us know!

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