Kyle O’Reilly Sister Called Him In Hysterics Following Twitter Seizure Rumours

2 years ago by Louis Dangoor

Kyle O’Reilly Sister Called Him In Hysterics Following Twitter Seizure Rumours

An episode of WWE NXT ended earlier this year with Kyle O’Reilly selling an attack from Adam Cole. Videos on Twitter emerged after the show, with fans speculating that Kyle was actually having a legitimate seizure.

Reports later suggested that Kyle O’Reilly was just selling the beatdown from Adam Cole very well, but that didn’t stop his sister from calling him as she was worried that he had a legitimate health issue at the end of the show.

Speaking with TV Insider, Kyle O’Reilly revealed that his sister saw the rumours that he had suffered a seizure after NXT went off the air, leading to her calling him in hysterics:

“My sister [was really worried]. That was the first thing she saw was this rumor on Twitter before I’d even had the chance to give her a call and let her know I was okay. She called me in hysterics freaking out. That made me sad because here is someone who is family who sees something on Twitter and was concerned.

Kyle went on to say that he doesn’t blame anyone on social media for worrying his sister, saying that the speculation “came from a caring and genuine place”:

“I knew [social media’s speculation] came from a caring and genuine place. They were concerned. I can’t fault anyone for that.”

This Sunday at NXT TakeOver: In Your House, Kyle O’Reilly will compete in a fatal five-way with Pete Dunne, Adam Cole, Johnny Gargano and NXT Champion Karrion Kross in what has all the makings of a Match of the Year contender.

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