Lacey Evans Heel Turn Confirmed On WWE SmackDown

3 months ago by Amanda DeChene

Lacey Evans Heel Turn Confirmed On WWE SmackDown WWE

On tonight’s (July 8) edition of WWE SmackDown, there was scheduled to be a tag-team match that never quite got off the ground.

While one half of the team, Aliyah, made her entrance, Lacey Evans ended up being in no mood for a match after her fan reception.

She attempted to make her entrance not once, not twice, but three times and then came to ring the tell fans how disappointing they were for their sheer inability to cheer.

During a sort of standard fare “you people” type of promo, Lacey described pouring her heart out on live TV for the fans and was offended this was the kind of reception she received.

It swerved into classic fare as Evans asked the Fort Worth, Texas crowd if they simply couldn’t stand up because they were too weighed down by their bellies full of pulled pork and brisket.

She ended the segment by telling the fans that as far as she was concerned, they could all go to hell.

Of note, Lacey Evans’ countenance didn’t match her words as she ended the segment and appeared headed for tears until she was stopped by Aliyah who was frustrated the match wouldn’t happen as scheduled before she was laid out by Lacey and the Women’s Right.

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