Lacey Evans Returns On WWE SmackDown After Last Chapter Of Origin Story

11 months ago by Amanda Savage

Lacey Evans Returns On WWE SmackDown After Last Chapter Of Origin Story WWE

Lacey Evans made her return on tonight’s episode of Smackdown (May 6) after the final chapter of her story was revealed.

Lacey described during the final chapter of her backstage series about her difficult childhood, a complicated start to her time in WWE having family-related trauma follow her all the way up until just before her first match in NXT.

Lacey shared that she opted to prioritize herself and her goals as a part of healthy boundary setting and she visited her family during their time of crisis, after completing her first match for NXT.

By the end of the package, Lacey Evans made it clear that her intention was to come back to SmackDown and claim the WWE Women’s SmackDown Championship although did not name current champ Charlotte Flair or this weekend’s challenger, Ronda Rousey.

After the clip played, Samantha Irvin introduced Lacey albeit a bit oddly, noting that Lacey wanted fans to show her the respect she deserved and told them to stand and welcome to Lacey Evans.

She received a seemingly positive response from the in-person live crowd despite the heelish phrasing as she really just made an entrance to just hang out on the ramp with fans to end the segment.

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