Ladder Match Set For This Week’s NXT

2 years ago by Brian Joyce

Ladder Match Set For This Week’s NXT

It is WarGames season. Therefore the appropriate measures need to be taken in preparation for the event. This week’s episode of NXT will be the first step towards this.

As announced on Twitter, this week’s show will feature a Ladder Match for the WarGames advantage. They did not specify who would be participating, only saying one member of the Undisputed Era will face one member of Pat McAfee’s faction.

For those unaware, a WarGames match usually involves two wrestlers starting in the ring while members of their teams stand in separate cages. Periodically, the cages will alternate, allowing a new member of the team to join the match. This goes on until everyone has entered the match. However, this Ladder match will determine which team’s cage will open first.

Also announced in the video package was that Ember Moon will take on Candice LeRae on this week’s show. While it hasn’t been announced, it was heavily implied these two will be on opposite teams in a women’s WarGames match. However, we will have to wait and watch NXT to know for sure.

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