Las Vegas Toy Con 2018 Recap and Figures Preview

Las Vegas Toy Con 2018 Recap and Figures Preview

A week after New York Toy Fair 2018, Mattel and WWE debuted more prototypes for new potential Elite figures.  Here’s a rundown of what’s coming on the horizon:

RetroFest Elite Series

The Retro Fest line was already announced a week ago in the New York Toy Fair and was shown again in Las Vegas Toy Con 2018. This line is perfect for collectors as it comes with a retro arcade packaging. The first figures in the lines are Macho Man Randy Savage with stars and stripes attire and Shawn Michaels’ rockers attire. No release dates yet for these figures but it has been announced that it’s going to be a GameStop exclusive.

Retro Figures

They also featured the new wave of retro figures which includes Demon King Balor and Kevin Owens on top of the retro ring playset.

Other Updates

  • The Epic Moments series that was announced in the New York Toy Fair will have a milk truck shaped packaging and Stephanie McMahon will have an interchangeable drenched head.
  • Flashback Elite Razor Ramon comes with a cloth flowered shirt.

They also showed future Elite figures and prototypes. These figures are still subject to change and no release dates at the moment.

  • Carmella in her Money in the Bank attire
    • Comes with removable cap and chain
  • Naomi in ‘Feel the Glow’ attire
    • the figure glows in the dark, and it’s going to be a Wallgreens exclusive
  • Brian Kendrick
  • Andre the Giant
    • Comes with interchangeable ‘Giant Machine’ head
  • Kane in ‘Big Red Machine’ attire
  • Red Rooster (First in the Line!)
  • Shinsuke Nakamura ‘Thriller’ looking attire for WWE Zombie line
  • Summer Slam Elites: Matt Hardy with interchangeable hands
  • Edge
  • Hall of Champions Elite: Ron Simmons

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