Latest ‘White Rabbit’ Clue Points Fans Further Towards Bray Wyatt

Latest ‘White Rabbit’ Clue Points Fans Further Towards Bray Wyatt WWE

Earlier today, WWE’s latest ‘White Rabbit’ clue was discovered by fans. The link took us to a game in which the titular rabbit navigated a maze, dodging fire to get to a door.

When completed, the rabbit entered a door, which took us to a screen with the word ‘COAL’, and co-ordinates which matched that of the arena that next week’s episode of Raw will take place in, seemingly confirming that we are in this for the long haul.

Well, the latest hint took place on tonight’s SmackDown, with a QR Code appearing on the screen during Hit Row’s party segment. When scanned, it took us to the same game, but this time the word read ‘Patricide’.

Patricide is defined as the ‘killing of one’s father’, and it didn’t take WWE fans long to immediately connect this to Bray Wyatt, noting that Bray Wyatt once said in a promo in FCW that he did, in fact, kill his own father.

Guess we have to wait until Monday for our next clue.

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1 year ago by Connel Rumsey



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