Latest White Rabbit Code Links To Mysterious Tik Tok Video

Latest White Rabbit Code Links To Mysterious Tik Tok Video WWE

The latest White Rabbit clue took place on tonight’s episode of WWE Raw in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and it seems our mysterious mammal is a fan of Tik Tok.

The QR Code was not hidden on tonight’s show, with the code appearing on screen in the middle of the Seth Rollins vs Rey Mysterio match. It only appeared for a second, but it was right in the middle of the screen.

This link took us to a video titled ‘930YWG’, and it features a Tik Tok style video from an account named ‘_comewithme’ titled ‘44.244273,7.769737’, featuring snippets of a white rabbit amid spliced together clips of various WWE promos over the years, put together to say ‘Who killed the world? You did. You did. Feed your head. Feed your head.’ before the number 40701 flashed on the screen.

The co-ordinates 44.244273, 7.769737 lead to a site in Via Artesina, Artesina CN, Italy hosting the ‘giant pink Bunny’, while 40701 is the ZIP code for ‘Corbin’ Kentucky. Can you imagine?

The clues have been linked to Bray Wyatt by fans, who I can imagine are hot on the case for today’s latest mystery. You can see the Rabbit’s latest teaser here.

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2 years ago by Connel Rumsey



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