Wrestling Legend Open To Having Last Match With AEW

Wrestling Legend Open To Having Last Match With AEW AEW

Following his appearance at Double Or Nothing 2023, ECW legend Sabu says he is open to having last match with AEW.

At AEW Double Or Nothing 2023, former ECW Heavyweight Champion Sabu made a guest appearance as the enforcer in the Chris Jericho vs. Adam Cole Unsanctioned Match.

The wrestling legend is one of the true icons of Extreme Championship Wrestling and a pioneer in the Hardcore wrestling style.

In a new interview on Conversations with The Wrestling Classic, Sabu discussed his desire for one final match. Claiming that GCW wants him to wrestle his last match in their company in January 2025, the former ECW World Champion said:

“My goal is to work out until the last match and I know the last match isn’t tomorrow. GCW wants me to do my last match with them in January.”

“I said, ‘I don’t know if I’ll be ready.’ I don’t want my last match in January. I want it in July and I want it in Las Vegas.”

On potentially having his final match for AEW, Sabu said:

“I’m gonna have a final match eventually, I’m not in shape for it yet.”

“I’m hurting too much, but I’m hoping my pain eases up. I’m sure it will. I’d like to maybe do my final match with [AEW] because they have a big platform and a big paycheck.”

A WWE Hall of Famer recently discussed the possibility of facing his former rival, Sabu, which you can read at this link.

Transcription via Fightful

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