Legit Heat Between Cody Rhodes & The Elite?

Legit Heat Between Cody Rhodes & The Elite?

Cody Rhodes has been absent from Being the Elite for a while now, and has been heavily focusing on his mid-card feud with QT Marshall, and there’s now some speculation that there could be legitimate backstage heat between Rhodes and The Elite in AEW.

While this is very much speculation at this moment in time, Brian Last hinted on Jim Cornette’s podcast that there may have been angry messages and emails between Cody and members of The Elite (Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks).

The suggestion is that Cody has been kept off BTE because of heat between himself and The Elite, and that he’s been given a mid-card feud so he’s not involved in the main event scene, which The Elite is currently dominating.

Speaking on a Q&A session on Fightful Select, Sean Ross Sapp admitted he had heard about these rumours, but he said he personally hadn’t heard anything from his sources in AEW.

“I’ve heard the rumours. I haven’t heard that from any talents. I haven’t heard that from any executives, but I’ve heard it’s worth me asking about. It is not something that wrestlers are talking about and it’s not been something I’ve asked about a tonne.”

So there may be nothing to it whatsoever. Perhaps Cody is just spending time away from BTE as he prepares to become a father for the first time.

Either way, we’ll keep you informed of any developments.

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3 years ago by Andy Datson


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