Leva Bates Discusses AEW Backstage Roles Following Brandi Rhodes Departure

Leva Bates Discusses AEW Backstage Roles Following Brandi Rhodes Departure AEW

AEW star Leva Bates has revealed more about her backstage roles, confirming that she’s a ‘double contract’ with the company.

Speaking on Thunder Rosa’s vlog, Bates noted that she is contracted as a talent as well as a backstage name. Bates stated that she used to share a lot of her current responsibilities with Brandi Rhodes.

Referring to herself as the ‘mood maker’, Bates said:

“So, I don’t know if a lot of people know this or not, I feel like I’ve been a little bit more open about it. I’m a double contract, which means I’m talent but I’m also office so, I run the makeup department, the wardrobe department, I do P.R., I co-run ‘Heels’.

“I am like the connector between a lot of different departments, like especially if Speedy (AEW photographer) needs some help with like, ‘Hey, I need the girls for a photoshoot’ or, ‘Can you help me out?’… So I guess help — basically, I do a lot of stuff that Brandi (Rhodes) and I did together. I’m still doing it so, I do a lot of things. I’m also the ‘mood maker’, I like to call myself. I do birthday cakes.”

Cody & Brandi Rhodes’ AEW departures were officially announced in February. Cody notably made his WWE return at WrestleMania 38 in April. He is currently out of action recovering from his torn pectoral muscle injury.

A recent report described Brandi’s relationship with AEW as ‘cordial’, with the two sides recently discussing multiple projects, includes the partnership with KultureCity, of which Rhodes is a board member. Brandi is also reportedly still training in the ring, despite not wrestling since January.

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Transcription via POST Wrestling.

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