Likelihood Of Triple H Signing Several Top AEW Stars Revealed

10 months ago by Andy Datson

Likelihood Of Triple H Signing Several Top AEW Stars Revealed WWE

One of the biggest talking points since it was announced Triple H would be taking over talent relations and creative following the retirement of Vince McMahon has been the speculation that current AEW stars could now be tempted to return to WWE, now someone they like is in charge.

A number of former WWE stars have made it very clear they were not a fan of how Vince McMahon ran things, but it’s clear Triple H has different, and arguably better ideas for WWE’s creative product.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer spoke about the likelihood of AEW stars such as Jon Moxley re-joining WWE in the future.

He said:

“I saw Moxley’s name, people going like, ‘Now with Vince gone, Moxley (could go back to WWE)’. All I will say is… don’t bet on that one.

“He should play the game (of trying to negotiate a better contract), but he’s told me on more than one occasion, that he will never read a script unless it’s in a movie or a television show. But if it’s pro-wrestling, he will never read a script again, he will never recite from a script again.

“He’s under contract for a long time I think anyway. I think that he, I think Kenny Omega, I think the Young Bucks – I think those guys… although with Kenny a lot depends on his health and physical condition, but the Young Bucks will no doubt (stay with AEW). The Young Bucks have like two years left.

“And people are going, ‘Adam Cole’… Adam Cole’s got four-and-a-half years left on his contract, you know what I mean? Adam Cole, or Malakai Black, Miro, those guys aren’t going anywhere for a long, long time. There are guys whose deals are up sooner, and they’re gonna make a lot of money most likely, but Adam Cole is not one of those guys going back anytime soon.

“In five years, who the hell knows, because who knows where wrestling is. WWE may be sold in five years, and Levesque may be out of power, he may be in power. AEW might be drawing bigger ratings in five years, maybe it won’t. Even a year from now, the business is gonna be completely different than it is now.”

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While he doesn’t wrestle for AEW, the belief among many is that Johnny Gargano will now rejoin WWE, given how close he and Triple H were when Trips ran NXT.

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