Lince Dorado Taking Time Off After Grandfather Passes Away

2 years ago by Liam Winnard

Lince Dorado Taking Time Off After Grandfather Passes Away

WWE Raw star Lince Dorado has taken to Twitter to announce he’ll be taking time away following the passing of his grandfather.

Dorado tweeted:

My grandpa has passed this morning. Thank you everyone who has reached out, shared, and donated. I’m devastated and will be taking time off to get my head straight. I love you pop!

Dorado, has set up a GoFundMe to cover funeral costs and help out his grandmother. He wrote:

Hi guys. You all know me as Lince Dorado from WWE, but to this man, I was Tuto. I loved this man with all my heart as if he was my own father. He helped raise me, show me discipline, loved me, and showed me my passion today, wrestling/lucha libre. Without him and my grandmother, I would not have been where I am at. Those of you who really truly know me, know I am usually a fun guy to be around, but I am heart broken and devastated by this news. It even hurts me more to know I feel helpless not being able to help out the way I want to! But, I promised one thing to him many years ago, my grandmother will be ok and I will take care of her in and every way I can. Here’s my message and promise to you, for anyone that donates any amount, I will personally set up a ZOOM meeting thank you personally from my family to you. Our family is setting this GOFUNDME up to pay for all his funeral cost and to set my grandmother up until I can catch up her with her every day expenses that are left behind with my grandfathers passing. If there was more I can give you, I would.

You can donate at this link.

We extend our condolences to Dorado, his family, and everyone affected by his grandfather’s passing.

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