Lince Dorado Requested WWE Release After Being Booked To Lose On Main Event

2 years ago by Liam Winnard

Lince Dorado Requested WWE Release After Being Booked To Lose On Main Event

The story behind the WWE releases of Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik has emerged after they were let go by the company on November 4.

It was already known that they’d asked for their releases a little while earlier, but exactly how that came to be was reported in today’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

According to the Observer, being booked to lose on the September 13 edition of Main Event to Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo was what prompted the request from Dorado and his tag team partner Gran Metalik.

Dorado was the one pinned, which was notable because it was usually Metalik who was pinned when they’d lose, and people believed it was booked that way as a punishment.

This was before Garza and Carrillo were an established team like they are now, and Dorado was “hot” after the match and wanted to talk to Vince McMahon about it.

Even just the idea of him wanting to talk to McMahon was viewed negatively because it was seen as someone complaining about something not many people would see or care about anyway since it was on Main Event.

Nonetheless, Dorado asked for his release after the match and Metalik agreed to it as well. Metalik reportedly wanted out of the company but “was not the kind of guy” who would have made the request himself.

It was added that the belief is that even if they hadn’t requested to be let go, they would have likely been released in last week’s cuts anyway.

The match ended up with WWE officials seeing something in Carrillo and Garza together which then led to them becoming an actual heel team as Los Lotharios, which may actually have saved them from being released too.

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