Lio Rush Wishes His AEW Character Had More Clear Direction

Lio Rush Wishes His AEW Character Had More Clear Direction AEW

Ahead of his new EP coming out this week, Lio Rush has opened up about his “LBO Lio” character during his AEW run.

Lio Rush signed with All Elite Wrestling in September 2021 before his contract expired in February of this year.

During his introductory vignette into the promotion, Rush introduced his “LBO Lio” persona that saw him eventually align with Dante Martin.

Speaking on the MuscleManMalcolm YouTube channel, the former AEW star revealed that he believed the character was “a little much” and would have tweaked it a bit.

He said:

The L.B.O gimmick was a little much because I’m not like a Wall Street guy or anything like that but, you know, being those kind of business characters or independent businessman or stuff like that, that’s me. That’s what I do outside of wrestling. I’m a businessman, I’m a hustler, you know? So, yeah, I would have taken maybe a different approach to it. I feel like I’m a pretty introverted person. It might not seem like it to a lot of my fans because of the wacky stuff that I do on-camera. But, off-camera, I’m a pretty introverted person so maybe I would have pulled back on the theatrics a little bit, just to feel a little bit more comfortable. But, I enjoyed what I did so far and plus I like being out of my comfort zone, I like experiencing something new and something different and challenging myself so, yeah.

When asked about the differences between AEW and WWE’s creative process, Rush revealed that AEW is more loose and free flowing, while WWE had more structure.

He said:

I think — I mean there was a lot of winging it in AEW. There was a lot of winging it in AEW. I definitely think there was a little bit more structure and me being in on the know of where the character is going [in WWE] and what it’s leading to. I didn’t feel like that in AEW. It was always a guessing game or me trying to figure it out myself, which I don’t mind. I don’t mind but, it would have been nice to have a little bit more of that direction when it came to a character that I didn’t put on myself, you know what I mean? So yeah, that’s about it.

Lio Rush has also discussed the possibility of working on a music project with WWE star Sasha Banks, which you can read about here.

Quotes via POST Wrestling

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