Liv Morgan Says She Had ‘Such A Crush’ On John Cena

10 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

Liv Morgan Says She Had ‘Such A Crush’ On John Cena WWE

Liv Morgan has revealed that she had ‘such a crush’ on John Cena, believing he could’ve been a subconscious influence on her career.

Speaking on Sneaker Shopping with Complex, Morgan recalled pretending to pump her sneakers to copy Cena, even though she didn’t actually own Reebok pumps.

Noting that her love for sneakers was likely influenced by Cena, Morgan said:

“I loved John Cena, I thought he was the s**t. I had such a crush on him. He would pump his little sneakers, and I’d pump my sneakers and I didn’t even have pumps. I would just (pretend) to push my little pumps (while watching him on TV). I thought he was amazing.

“He has been, whether I know it or not, a subconscious influence on my career. You know because he wore sneakers for the majority of his career, so I think maybe it’s something that kind of embedded in my mind, and maybe a reason why I like to wear sneakers.”

Cena recently made a return to WWE during the June 27 edition of Raw to celebrate ’20 Years of John Cena’, two decades on from his SmackDown debut against Kurt Angle.

Morgan is currently the SmackDown Women’s Champion, recently defending the gold at SummerSlam against Ronda Rousey. Morgan had defeated Rousey for the gold at Money in the Bank, after cashing in the contract she had won earlier that night.

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Transcription via Wrestling Inc

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