Liv Morgan Opens Up About Lesbian Storyline With Lana

2 years ago by Liam Winnard

Liv Morgan Opens Up About Lesbian Storyline With Lana

WWE SmackDown star Liv Morgan has opened up about the lesbian storyline with Lana that WWE introduced at the end of 2019.

Comments from Lana had recently prompted rumours that WWE could be planning to bring the romance back up, but reports have since suggested that isn’t the case at all.

Speaking with Inside The Ropes about the speculation, Liv Morgan said:

“Me personally, I would love to touch on that story again, because I think it’s so important just to show not different people but, you know, ‘Hey, maybe I love this girl,’ you know, like, I think it’s important just to show that. But I don’t think you ever can ever say never in WWE. I think anything and everything is open to being visited again. Is that happening? I have no idea. But would I like it? For sure. But it was a very crazy experience.”

The angle divided fans to say the least, which Morgan commented on, saying:

“I think it was definitely split half and half and I think that’s because… I think people today, they want real representation. They want like… Characters are characters, but they want people that are really maybe experiencing these things to represent these characters. So I feel like, in that aspect, maybe it didn’t go over so well towards some people that felt like Lana’s secret lover could have been someone else that was maybe really into women, you know, but then on the other spectrum, this was my re-debut after like eight months off. So people were excited to see me and they were happy for me. But there was definitely that split with the audience, people that were loving it and people that didn’t like it.”

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