Liv Morgan Set For Major Push On SmackDown Live?

4 years ago by Andy Datson

Liv Morgan Set For Major Push On SmackDown Live?

Liv Morgan has been off TV for a while now, but that could all be able to change after Bayley turned heel on last night’s episode of Raw.

Now that SmackDown has a heel champion, and the current number on contender to the belt Charlotte is a heel (for now), we are in serious need of some blue-eyed babyfaces to take on those dastardly heels.

Morgan is the ideal candidate. Now that she’s out of the Riott Squad, she can very easily play the role of young, determined babyface who struggles against the forces of evil.

What’s more, according to her social media pages, she’s just got a hair cut, and as Sasha Banks has proved, that can revitalise your career and make you a much better wrestler.

Her last match was on July 16 against Charlotte Flair, and after losing she promised fans that upon her return, she would “be real”.

Looking at the SmackDown women’s roster, there are only two other people that are babyfaces and not currently in a pointless tag team, and that’s Ember Moon and Carmella.

Ember has had he title feud for this year, and Carmella is more of a comedy act with R-Truth than a title contender, so it really looks like Liv Morgan is the only viable option.

Plus she’s got a blue tongue and that’s SmackDown Live.

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