Liv Morgan Set For Post-Draft Push On WWE Raw?

3 years ago by Andy Datson

Liv Morgan Set For Post-Draft Push On WWE Raw?

On a list of most under-utilised stars in WWE, former Riott Squad member Liv Morgan will be near the top on most.

Since moving to the main roster, her in-ring abilities have improved hugely, and most importantly for Vince McMahon, she has blonde hair.

Despite this, she is yet to have any kind of singles run with WWE, despite teasing one on several occasions, most recently following a loss to Charlotte Flair on SmackDown.

But could that all be about to change following the draft? Morgan tweeted asking which brand was going to take her on, and WWE veteran Natalya is very keen on having her on Raw.

Nattie is one of WWE’s longest serving stars, and therefore has plenty of influence backstage. Could her favour be the thing that finally gives Morgan a starring role on Monday nights?

Raw is screaming out for some female stars after last Friday, which saw Sasha Banks move to SmackDown. This Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch with almost no-one to challenge her, so someone like Morgan could fit that role perfectly.

And speaking of the Riott Squad, what about Morgan’s former stablemate Sarah Logan? Basically, book your female stars better, WWE.

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