WWE Star Recalls Telling Liv Morgan ‘Just F**k Me Up’

WWE Star Recalls Telling Liv Morgan ‘Just F**k Me Up’ WWE

A WWE star has commented on their matches and chemistry with Liv Morgan, and telling Morgan “just f**k me up”.

During their SmackDown feud in late 2022, Morgan and Deville had a no disqualification match which featured the use of weapons including a superplex onto a pile of chairs in the ring.

In an interview with Chris Van Vliet, Deville commented on that match and her overall attitude when it came to working with Morgan, saying:

“I love that match. There was so much passion and excitement that went into planning that match.

“Again, Liv’s a good friend of mine. We had so much fun putting it together because when you work with someone who you’re friends with, you want to help each other and you wanna be generous and that’s why me and Mandy had so much fun, why me and Liv had so much fun, and had good chemistry, because we got along and we cared about each other.

“I was like, ‘Just fuck me up out there. I don’t care if there’s blood, I don’t care what happens, we’re badasses, we’re both from New Jersey, and we can handle this. Just mess me up out there, give it to me’.

“We always say that when we work each other.”

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Deville recently returned to WWE TV after being out since July 2023 due to injury.

Since returning, she appears to have teased an alliance with Zoey Stark and Shayna Baszler.

Meanwhile, Liv Morgan is the current Women’s World Champion, having beaten Becky Lynch in consecutive matches after outside shenanigans involving Dominik Mysterio.

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