AEW Double Or Nothing 2022 Live Results

1 year ago by Nate

AEW Double Or Nothing 2022 Live Results AEW

It’s Sunday, and you know what that means! It’s time for the fourth annual edition of AEW Double Or Nothing, and it looks like we’re in for a heck of a night.

A major story that’s unfolded throughout this weekend is the saga of MJF and whether or not his planned match with Wardlow will even be happening tonight.

A new update has revealed that MJF vs Wardlow is scheduled to open the show.

If this match does go ahead, we’ll have a 13 match lineup tonight. And those 13 matches are:

  • Hangman Page (c) vs. CM Punk – AEW World Championship
  • MJF vs. Wardlow
  • Thunder Rosa (c) vs. Serena Deeb – AEW Women’s World Championship
  • Adam Cole vs. Samoa Joe – Men’s Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Final
  • Britt Baker vs. Ruby Soho – Women’s Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Final
  • Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus (c) vs. Keith Lee & Swerve Strickland vs. Powerhouse Hobbs & Ricky Starks – AEW World Tag Team Championship
  • Bryan Danielson, Eddie Kingston, Jon Moxley, Ortiz & Santana vs. Jericho Appreciation Society – Anarchy in the Arena
  • Jeff & Matt Hardy vs. Young Bucks
  • Darby Allin vs. Kyle O’Reilly
  • Jade Cargill (c) vs. Anna Jay – TBS Championship
  • Death Triangle vs. House of Black
  • Ethan Page, Scorpio Sky & Paige VanZant vs. Frankie Kazarian, Sammy Guevara & Tay Conti
  • Danhausen & HOOK vs. Mark Sterling & Tony Nese (Pre-Show)

We’re in for a long, but hopefully very good, night of wrestling! Follow along below for all the results, updates and reactions to tonight’s pay-per-view.

The main event

I think you can tell I am a big AEW fan. This show is a long one. However, I’ve sat through some Raws that felt longer. I really, really want Hangman Page to win this one, but I don’t think that’s happening. Tony seems to be confused on commentary. He keeps telling people it’s not too late to join us tonight. I’m pretty sure the only people who are watching are the people who did join. I’m not buying it again Tony.

Hangman is the homegrown star AEW has pushed to be the face of the company. Do they decide to give him the big win over the WWE made star? Or do they go with CM Punk who is the biggest known name in their company.

They match starts with the two men going forehead to forehead. They do the slap exchange, but Hangman gets the best of Punk. Punk pushes him into the corner and doesn’t break clean.

The crowd is very much split. Hangman is wrestling in a way where this doesn’t feel like a predetermined match. He is bringing  some heat. Punk is too. These two guys are working stiff.

After about 10 minutes of them beating the hell out of each other. CM Punk gains control. He hits a few powerslams and climbs to the top rope. He hits a Crossbody, but Hangman hangs on. He hits the Fall Away slam.

Hangman hits the rolling elbow and almost knocks out CM Punk. This match feels a lot like the time CM Punk faced Brock Lesnar. Page is more effective inte hurting him.

Page sets up for the Buckshot Lariat, but Punk has him scouted and pushes him off the apron. Punk is on the outside. Page goes to the top rope and tries to hit the moonsault, but Punk pushs him off. Page hits a big clothesline, but Punk is fighting back.

Punk has moved into control and he’s hitting the big moves he’s known for. He hits the step up knee and the diving clothesline.  He cannot get the win. Punk goes to the top rope. Page is up and takes him out. Page then pushes him to the outside and hits the big top rope moonsault. He tweaks his knee.

Back the ring, Punk locks in the Sharpshooter after countering the Buckshot. Page gets the ropes.

Punk goes for a Buckshot. He falls down on the flip. Page quickly puts in the GTS. Punk gets out. Punk tries it again. He falls again. He gets up and hits the clothesline. He goes for the cover and Page kicks out.

Page goes for the GTS but he cannot get it. Hangman hits the deadeye. Page covers Punk, but Punk didn’t kick out on time. Punk’s shoulder was clearly on the mat and the ref didn’t hit 3. Page’s knee is hurt. Page signals for the GTS. He tries for a 3rd Time. He cannot get it. Punk kicks him in the head instead. Punk goes to attack and Page hits a GTS. It was a beauty too.

Punk has not looked sharp in this one. Based on this match, the two stumbles and then the forget to kick out don’t make him look good. If he wins, it will be a bit hampered by the botches. The knee is bothering Page. He can’t run.

He does hit his clothesline over the to rope. On the outside, Page throws him through the times keeper table. Now he’s setting up for the Buckshot. He flips into the ring and Punk puts him up for the GTS. He spins and kicks the ref in the head while on Punk’s shoulder.

While the ref is down, Page remembers he has a title belt he can use. He walks over and grabs it. He was going to hit Punk in the head with it. He can’t bring himself to do it. He throws it down. Hangman Page goes for the Buckshot one more time. He flips and Punk counters into a GTS.

PUNK WINS!!! CM Punk is the new champion. Punk defeats Hangman Page. Punk is in tears. Page couldn’t do what it took to beat Punk. He won’t cheat and it cost him.

We’ll see what happens next. Until next time.


3-Way Tag

I’m pulling hard for Hobbs and Stark in this one. I expect Lee and Swerve to win this though. Jungle Boy is due a singles run. I could see him making a run for the TNT title after he feuds with Christian.

Another match where I won’t be able to keep up with the action. Swerve and Lee are the stories so far. They hit some really nice tag moves. Jungle Boy goes for repeating dives to the outside of the ring. On the final one, Lee caught him. He then Powerbombed him into Luchasaurus a few times.

Starks and Hobbs are over with this crowd. They love them. Starks does the top rope walk while holding Jungle Boy’s hand. He doesn’t walk as much as strut. That was awesome. Eventually, Jungle Boy kicks the rope and Starks crotches himself on the rope.

Starks tags himself out. Hobbs is in. Someone backdrops Starks onto Jurassic Express. Starks lands on his head similar to how he broke his neck. This time it was on the floor. Starks has to have been hurt. He gets back up and takes a backflip from Swerve who moonsaulted off Keith Lee.

Starks seem to be okay, but he’ll be sore. He’s back in the ring and Luchasaurus runs wild. He battles with Hobbs who falls into Keith Lee. Lee tags himself in. He ends up getting chokeslammed by both Hobbs and Lee. Lee and Hobbs square off. Talk about a fun tag team. Instead of Swerve in our Glory, we could have Power and Glory 2.0.

Lee throws him to the outside. Lee loads up and dives onto everyone. We’re down to Lee and Luchasaurus exchange blows. They both go down. Hobbs is back. He hits a diving blockbuster onto both men. He tags in Starks. Starks and Jungle Boy are legal now.

Starks had the win, but his feet were on the rope. Christian breaks up the pin by pushing his feet off the rope. In the craziness, Starks hits a huge spear when Jungle Boy was checking on Christian. 2 count. Starks hits Slingshot Reauchambeaux and Luchasuarus breaks it up.

Now everyone hits their big moves. We’re left with Jungle Boy and Swerve. Luchasaurus accidentally kicks Jungle Boy. This is it. They hit Swerve in their Glory and that’s it. NO!!! Hobbs breaks it up.

Starks hits Lee with the belt. Jungle Boy is back up. He hits a superkick on Hobbs. Christian stops Starsk from hitting Jungle Boy with the FTW title. Back in the ring, Jurasssic Express hit their finish on Swerve. Jungle Boy makes the cover and retain the titles.

WOW!! I didn’t see that one coming. After the match, Christian puts Jungle Boy up on his shoulders to celebrate. We’ve not seen any title changes tonight. I think we’re about to see one.

The S word is about to hit the fan

At least, that is what Justin Roberts says as he announces this match. JAS is out with new gear. They JAS looks like a boy band from the 90s. They are wearing matching white gear and white Kangols. I wore one of those as a teenager in the late 90s. I wasn’t cool then and those hats don’t make you cool now.

Their opponents are coming out through the crowd. Santana and Moxley enter together. Danielson and Ortiz come down different sections. The last man out is Eddie Kingston. Danielson looks like a badass. JAS meets them in the crowd.

Jericho and Kingston pair off. I don’t think I’m going to be able to keep up with calling in action in this one. Moxley’s music is still going.

Danielson and someone are fighting in the tarped off section. Oh, it’s Angelo. Someone is bleeding. Moxley is on a mobility scooter. Moxley opened up Matt Menard with a fork.

Someone is in the ring now. Jericho pokes Moxley’s eye with sunglasses. LAX are in the ring with Hager. There’s more camera cuts in this one than in a WWE match. I can’t watch. It’s bad.

Jericho grabs the soundboard and cuts the music off. Santana hits a Street Sweeper onto Hager off the apron through two tables. Garcia hits a piledriver on Ortiz on the steel steps which were on the sides. Kingston and Menard have squirted mustard on each other. Danielson drove Angelo into a camera.

PS. The basketball game is over. So, the main event can go on whenever.

Moxley’s undone the top rope. Everyone is bleeding. Kingston and Garcia get on a freight elevator. Santana and Ortiz have a ladder. They hit double splashes on two JAS members. Back around the ring, Jericho and Moxley are fighting. Moxley has a barbed wire table out. Jericho sprays a fire extinguisher in his face. The ref has to wipe his eyes and get the spray out of his cuts.

Mox, Hager, Jericho, and Danielson are just beating the crap out of each other in the ring. Danielson and Moxley hit the rapid fire repeating elbows on Jericho and Hager. They lock in submissions. Jericho and Danielson are left in the ring. Kingston is back out. He’s got gasoline. He pours the gas on Jericho and Danielson. Danielson starts fighting with Kingston. Moxley breaks it up.

Jericho has a chair. He takes out Danielson and Kingston. Moxley is taken out by Hager and falls into the wire table. Now, Jericho and Hager whip Danielson into the steel turnbuckle.

For crying out loud. Danielson hits the running knee onto the chair. Jericho kicks out. Danielson with the yes kicks. Danielson says he’s going to kick his f’n head in. Hager breaks it up. Hager hits Danielson’s knee with the bat over and over. Jericho locks in walls of Jericho. Hager chokes him out with the top rope. Danielson passes out. JAS win.

Jericho is very bald by the way. This match was not able to hide that. I did not think JAS would win this one. I thought Kingston would definitely win. When Jericho had the submission in, Moxley couldn’t help because he was stuck in the wire.

That match was insanity. I’ll have to sleep on whether I liked it or not.


Thunder Rosa defends her title against Serena Deeb

This match features two ladies who had one of my favorite women’s matches on Dynamite. They had a great run in the NWA where Deeb dethroned Rosa for the NWA Women’s Championship back in the early days of AEW. This should be a good one. Rosa needs it. Her run has been uneventful so far. She’s incredible in the ring and Deeb should help her showcase that.

Rosa really is looking good in this one. She’s flying all over the ring. She’s hitting submission moves and strikes. She goes to her knees and hits an uppercut. After, she does the Golddust taunt. She is firmly in control until she misses a baseball slide to the outside.

Deeb grabs her by her hair and drops her over the ropes. While Rosa is on the apron, Deep whips her into the turnbuckle on the apron. She gets her back in the ring and works her over. She locks in the Abdominal Stretch, but Rosa powers out.

As the match goes on, Deeb keeps moving into different submissions. She locks in the Stretch Muffler, but Rosa finally works her way out. They collide as they run off the ropes and both women are down.

Then we get a great spot. Deeb locks in the figure 4. Deeb starts slapping Rosa while the move is locked in. Then, they trade slaps until Rosa gains advantage. Rosa rolls her over and they roll all the way out of the ring. They land hard.

When they get back in the ring, Deeb locks in the Serenity Lock. Rosa won’t quit. She pulls out and hits a powerbomb. Deeb then locks in a cloverleaf. The Woman of 1000 holds has used a bunch of them tonight. Rosa and Deeb counter roll-ups.

As the women geta bit tired, the execution is off a little. I don’t mind though because it adds to the match. They are now perched on the top rope and battle it out. Thunder Rosa hits a Superplex. She hangs on and then puts her in the Fire Thunder Driver. She makes the pin and wins.

Thunder Rose is the winner. She retains her title. That was a pretty good match. It will be a close call on whether that was better than Baker/Soho, but it was pretty good nonetheless.



Darby and O'Reilly

Darby Allin wants revenge for Kyle O’Reilly injuring Sting a few weeks ago. I thought this one might be a quick one. Early on, Kyle O’Reilly is using his technical skill to just systematically take apart Darby Allin.

Darby Allin is busted open early. A stray blow to the face has busted open his mouth. He may be missing some teeth on that one. Several minutes of Kyle O’Reilly really working Darby over. Darby hits a Scorpion Death Drop.

O’Reilly keeps fighting though. He goes for a Kimura Lock. Darby breaks it up with his knees. O’Reilly goes outside. Darby does a dive, but it looks like he stumbled and hit head first. I think they may have miscommunicated a spot. Because a few minutes later, Darby goes for another dive and this time O’Reilly catches him into a front choke hold. I think that was supposed to be what happened earlier but O’Reilly wasn’t there in time. Or, Darby just screwed the pooch. Either way, it was nasty.

Back in the ring, both men are displaying technical skills. Kyle O’Reilly locks in an ankle lock. Darby counters into what was supposed to be a Scorpion Leg Lock, but he didn’t get it.

Darby hits a Coffin Drop on O’Reilly who is dangling in the ropes. Darby backflips and lands neck first on the apron after making contact on Kyle. Back in the ring, Darby goes for the Coffin Drop, but O’Reilly counters into the rear naked choke. He transitions into an arm breaker. Darby gets out. They do the strike exchange. O’Reilly uses the chain Darby wears around his neck. He puts it in his mouth and then drapes him over his back.

O’Reilly hits 3 PKs and then hits a diving knee drop. O’Reilly wins? I can’t believe that. I would have bet big money on the fact that Darby wins. Instead, O’Reilly gets the impressive victory.


Mixed Trios - Men of the Hour vs. Kaz, Sammy, and Tay

Heel vs. Heel is always an odd dynamic. Tay Conti is dressed as Maleficient or however, you spell it. They make out on the ramp. This feud has been going on forever. You have to think this was going to be Cody, Brandi, and Dustin at one point.

Kaz and Sky start us off. Sammy tags himself in, but Ethan Page wants in. Page destroys Sammy Guevara. That was awesome. Page looked terrific. He tags in Scorpio Sky, but Sky runs away and tags in Kaz.

Kaz gains control and tags back in Sammy. Sammy wants to showboat which pisses off Kaz. Kaz yells at him which gets Conti pissed off. Sky gets back in control after Sammy continues to show off. Sammy pulls in the ref allowing Conti to scratch the back of Sky. Sammy hits a beautiful stunner from the top rope.

Sammy gives Vanzant the double bird which brings her in the ring. While the ref has his back turned, Conti and Sammy hit a double back drop. The guys are not letting the women in.

After some miscommunication between Sammy and Kaz, Sky is able to tag in Vanzant. She’s in. She runs wild. Well, she takes out Conti in a slow motion hot tag. She looks good, but she’s moving very, very slow. She hits a few suplexes. The shenanigans begin.

Paige hits a drop toe hold and Conti goes head first into his family jewels. Vanzant is distracted for some reason by Sammy who was paying her no attention. Conti hits a bunch of pump kicks and impresses Sammy. They decide to have a make-out session in the ring. ATT gets in the ring and stares them down. Kaz says screw it and lets them take out Sky and Conti.

Eventually, Sammy kicks Conti in the face by accident. Page and Sky take him out. Kaz is back in. He gets hit with the TKO and Sky makes the pin.

American Top Team gets the big win. Kaz and Sammy can never challenge Sammy again. Thank you!!!

The presentation of the Owen Trophy Belts

Martha Hart is here to present the trophies to Adam Cole and Britt Baker. She’s very dressed up and is wearing quite the hat. She delivers a speech that is a bit over the top, but hey, it’s wrestling. She’s very excited to be honoring her late husband.

The fans are very supportive. She says the Owen Cup is theirs to enjoy until next year. She says next year she wants everyone to wear a hat like hers.

She unveils the championship belt. It’s not a title to defend. It’s a trophy for them to keep. Those belts are sweet. Ole Martha doesn’t quite know how to hold a belt up. Martha is having the time of her life.

Owen was known as quite the prank puller. If she wanted to honor her husband, it would be pretty funny if she pulled out a protective cup for Adam Cole as the Owen Cup.


The Women's Owen

Dr. Britt Baker is out first with the guitarist from Fozzy. If outfits are indicators, then Britt Baker is winning. She’s also decked out in the Hart Foundation pink and black. The Fozzy guitarist hopped around and seemed out of place.

Now, here is Rancid. They are singing Ruby Soho. I know how they got their name. Their singing live is rancid. Ouch. Thank God for sound effects and mixing boards.

Early on, the two battle to gain an advantage. Baker eventually gains control. She works her over with some basic but effective wrestling. Soho counters in the corner. Baker heads to the outside, but Soho hits a huge running dropkick from the apron. Ruby looks like she’s going to have the advantage as they get back in the ring.

Not the case. Baker drops her off the top rope and she lands abs first on the turnbuckle. Baker then works her over with some stomps.

Eventually, we get the Boo-Yay forearm exchange in the middle of the ring. Both ladies are down. When they get up, Baker goes for the Curb Stomp, but Soho counters. She climbs to the top rope and goes for a senton. She hits it. That look like it hurt.

This match has been really good. Baker and Soho are putting on a classic compared to the previous women’s match. Who would have thought Britt Baker would be one of the best technical wrestlers on the roster 3 years ago. She keeps it simple and it pays off.

Baker finally hits The Curb Stomp. She goes for Lock Jaw. She can’t get it. Ruby fights her off. Ruby hits No Future. She then locks in the Sharp Shooter as a tribute to Owen Hart. Baker tries to get to the ropes. Ruby is having a hard time holding onto it. Baker finally makes it to the ropes.

The crowd has been cheering for Soho tonight and Baker. It just goes to show you that the reaction the other night was more a sign of respect for Kris Statlander instead of a bad reaction for Soho.

Oh. Soho rolls her up. 1…2…NO!! Baker counters. She rolls up Soho and gets the win. I thought for sure there are the end Soho was getting it. She did not.

Baker wins the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament. Boyfriend and girlfriend are the winners. They are both dressed for the occasion in pink and black. When she walks up the ramp, Tony Schiavone gives her a hug. Adam Cole is behind him and is not impressed. Tony turns around and pretends to hug him. LOL.


Adam Cole and Samoa Joe battle for the Owen

Samoa Joe and Adam Cole are wrestling in the Owen Finals. This should be a good one. The size difference is incredible. It’s funny. WWE wouldn’t push Adam Cole because he was too little. When you look at him, his wrestling style allows for him to be believable against bigger guys like Joe. However, you have to give him credit because he’s not a high flyer. He does it with a ground-based style and lots of strikes.

In this one, this match is a game of cat and mouse. Each man goes back and forth trying to gain an advantage on the other. Just when one thinks he has it, the other counters. Samoa Joe is selling his shoulder throughout. It’s the shoulder that Lethal and company attacked. Cole had worked it over earlier.

At one point, Cole goes for The Boom and Joe counters with a clothesline. Cole backflips and lands awkwardly on his head and neck. Cole is a great seller, but he didn’t have to act too much on that one, I’m guessing.

Both men lock in submission moves. They each battle to get to the ropes. After Cole gets out. Fish comes down to the ring. He pulls the injured shoulder over the ropes. Cole goes for The Boom. He misses. Coquina Clutch. Fish distracts Joe. Cole catches him with some Superkicks. He hits the Boom. Adam Cole wins.

Adam Cole clad in Hart Foundation pink wins the Men’s Owen Hart Tournament. Cole winning gets his heat back after losing to Adam Page. That was some smart booking. He continues to cheat, but it doesn’t matter. He’s so good.

Death Triangle vs. House of Black is next

It wouldn’t be an AEW pay-per-view without a BR problem. My stream cut out for the first few minutes of this one. Whenever it finally cut on, Penta and Matthews were having a staredown in the ring.

Brody King looks like he’s about to dive on someone when all 6 men get in the ring and start brawling. Pac hits a Poisonrana of beauty.

This match features 6 men who can really wrestle, but so far, this story has been less than stellar. Like much of AEW’s stories of late, it hasn’t had the time needed to really shine. Case in point, there are 13 matches tonight. You just can’t focus on telling that many stories on 3 hours of television each week. I’d rather have 8 matches with intriguing stories than 13 with only 5 good builds.

That said, I don’t need a story to enjoy the hell out of a Lucha Brothers match. They hit massive dives to the outside. Back inside, Death Triangle hits a terrific triple-team move and all 3 men try to cover King. He kicks out.

We then get the obligatory each man takes a turn of diving to the outside. Brody King was the last to go. He went for a huge flipping dive to the outside. He bit off a bit more than he could chew on that one. He made it over the top rope, but he landed neck first on the apron and his feet hit PAC. House of Black hits Dante’s Inferno on Fenix, but PAC and Penta break up the pin.

We get a boatload of superkicks from Death Triangle. PAC eventually hits a brain buster on Black. I thought that was it, but Matthews breaks it up. After that, Penta hits a Canadian Destroyer on the apron after jumping off Fenix. Death Triangle takes out each member of House of Black.

Black is the only member left in the ring. He takes out the Lucha Bros with Black Masses. PAC goes for the Black Arrow. He goes for PAC, but Pac ducks. PAC hits a 450 splash, but Matthews is in the ring. PAC gets rid of him.

Alex Abrahantes is on the apron. This allows PAC to kick Black in the nuts. PAC climbs to the top rope. He’s going for the Black Arrow. The lights go out. It’s Julia Hart. She spits in his face and he falls off. He catches a Black Mass and House of Black wins with their new member Julia Hart.

House of Black wins. Hart can’t stop smiling as she walks up the ramp. Her face is painted. She’s dressed in all black. But, she looks too sweet when she smiles instead of menacing. But hey, maybe she’ll figure it out.

As for the match, it was overbooked. But there were a lot of nice spots.

The TBS Title is on the line

Anna Jay is out first. She’s wearing her Star of the Show attire like she did when she first debuted. Jade Cargill is out with a bunch of Showgirls. Both of these ladies are powerhouses.

Cargill dominates early. She climbs to the top rope and hits a Double Axe Handle. She literally hit it. I think she knocked Anna Jay silly.

They were supposed to go for a spot, but it looked like Jay couldn’t get to the spot. Cargill adlibbed and they went for it a moment later. Jay hits a big Superplex. She would later hit a diving Blockbuster. Cargill goes outside. Jay follows. The Baddies get involved. Jay DDTs them both.

Back in the ring, Jay hits a Code Red. She also gets a thrust kick. Mark Sterling comes down. He slides a crutch in the ring, but Anna Jay gets it. She hits her with the crutch and a Russian Leg Sweep with the crutch.

Cargill goes for the Eye of the Storm. Jay kicks out. Cargill goes for Jaded. Anna counters, sort off. She eventually locks in the QueenSlayer, but Cargill breaks out by backing her into the turnbuckles. in a bunch of botch like moves, Stokely Hathaway comes out. I guess that was a distraction. Cargill eventually hits a top rope Jaded. Really, Jay put herself in it.

Stokely is awesome and will be representing Jade Cargill which is a match made in heaven. As the baddies are about to crush Jay, Statlander makes the save. As there was a staredown, Athena is here. Athena was Ember Moon for you who aren’t familiar. Well, that was a lot of debuts and some really struggling wrestling.


The dream tag match continues

The Bucks set up for the Meltzer Driver on the steel steps which are laid on their side. The Hardys are able to avoid it.

The Hardys put Nick Jackson on the steps. Oh good lord. Jeff Hardy hits a Swanton Bomb onto Nick Jackson on the steps. Back in the ring, Matt Hardy hits a modified Razor’s Edge. He then hits two Twist of Fates. A third and a Swanton onto Nick.

The Hardys finally put The Young Bucks away. I tell you what. The Young Bucks don’t have bad matches. I can’t remember any match that wasn’t at least a fun watch. Great stuff.

The Hardys win, but I have to think The Bucks will continue chase down the Hardys.

The Young Bucks vs. The Hardys

We get an Elvis version of Super Kick Party. Then The YoungBucks come out dressed like Elvis. They’ve shaved their beards into Elvis mutten-chop sideburns. Hilarious.

We get Delete and Elite dueling chants to open the match. They finally lock up. We start off with Matt Hardy and Matt Jackson. Matt Jackson tells the story of being younger and faster. Matt tags in Jeff. In tags Nick. The Hardys do the Bucks Pose, but Jeff does it wrong.

The crowd chants for Cutler and Nick stops the match and shoves Cutler. I like how they work the crowd.

A couple of really nice spots in this one. The Hardys go for Poetry in Motion, but The Bucks counter. Nick hits the big kick to Jeff’s Head. Nick goes for Whisper in the Wind on Jeff Hardy, but he misses. Jeff Hardy tries to go for it, but it looks like his boot is coming off. He eventually gets it.

After a great exchange on the outside, The Hardys go for the Twist of Fate/Swanton Combo. Matt Jackson counters. The Young Bucks hit The Hardys finish. They hit it but Jeff Hardy kicks out. The Bucks miss BTE Trigger. We get a boatload of superkicks. The Hardys are on their knees begging for more superkicks. The Young Bucks go for the cover, but cannot get the pin.

They each go for their signature moves, but they each counter the others. Eventually, The Hardys wind up on the floor and Nick Jackson hits a flip onto both men on the floor. Jeff Hardy looks a step slow.


Will he come out?

Well, he made it. He’s getting booed out of the building. Once he got in the ring he made like an airplane and flew around the ring. Lol.

No music again for Wardlow. Wardlow was being held in the arena holding cell where they put drunk fans who get out of control. We finally get the Wardlow chants as they undo the handcuffs.

As the bell rings, MJF gets out of the ring quickly. The crowd is chanting he showed up. Wardlow finally gets his hands on MJF. He gets him up into the Powerbomb position and MJF bites his head. He pokes Wardlow in the eye.

MJF fakes a knee injury. While he’s rolling around in the ring, MJF goes to pull the ring out of his pants. The ref and Wardlow watch him do it. Remsberg pulls the ring off his finger. MJF offers to double Wardlow’s pay and Wardlow shakes his hand.

He won’t let go. He puts him in the first Powerbomb. We’re up to 2. Now 3. Going for 4. Now 5. One foot pin. 1…2…Nope. Wardlow takes his foot off of him to punish him some more. The crowd chants one more time. We get number 6. The crowd wants 7. They get it.

I bet Tony Khan is wishing he could have done this to him. Wardlow does the Spears 10 hand signal. 8…9…and 10. Wardlow pins him. Wardlow dominates MJF. Wardlow wins. If MJF is getting his release, he very professionally did the job.

After the match, they put him on a stretcher and roll him out. In a hilarious move, the ringside doctor put oxygen on him. He didn’t cover his nose and mouth. He covered his eyes and nose.

After that, Tony Schiavone announces that Wardlow is officially All Elite. The crowd chants you deserve it.


After all the video packages, we are finally getting some wrestling. Tony Nese and Smart Mark Sterling are taking on Hook Hausen.

Hook with a quick takedown and Nese quickly gets out of the ring. Danhausen tags himself in. Danhausen is looking good. He curses Sterling who falls on his face. Nese takes him out. Sterling is in and he stops away at him. He quickly tags back in Nese who works over Danhausen.

I believe Danhausen must have gotten new pants made because they are too big and his pants won’t stay up. The story isn’t his pants though. It becomes trying to keep Hook out of the ring. Danhausen with a Hook-like take down and suplex. Hook is in.

Nese gets tossed around a bit. Sterling tries to pat Nese on the back, but the ref counts it as a tag. Hook takes out Nese and then turns to Sterling. He looks to put him away, but instead he tags in Danhausen who puts one foot on Sterling and poses in the curse stance as the ref counts to 3.

Hookhausen is now 1 and 0 as a tag team. Get them a title shot!!


Will MJF Vs. Wardlow Even Happen?

AEW removed, but then reuploaded, the MJF vs Wardlow preview video after MJF no-showed a meet & greet yesterday, and even booked a flight out of Las Vegas. He didn’t get on the flight, but still…

PWInsider also reported earlier tonight that he wasn’t spotted backstage, and there hasn’t been an update to contradict that since. Sooooo, we still don’t know, but we’ll keep you updated when we do.

Also be sure to follow along with our updates on the show itself from the start of the pre-show at 7pm ET!

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