AEW Dynamite Live Results – June 8, 2022

10 months ago by Nate

AEW Dynamite Live Results – June 8, 2022 AEW

It’s Wednesday, and you know what means. It’s AEW Dynamite night and there’s a very high-stakes show coming our way.

Following the announcement of CM Punk’s injury on Rampage this past Friday, AEW needs to crown an interim AEW World Champion, and that process starts tonight.

The show will open with a 21-man Casino Battle Royale, with the winner of that facing Jon Moxley in the main event, and the winner of THAT advancing to Forbidden Door to face Hiroshi Tanahashi or Hirooki Goto to crown the interim champion.

Also on the card tonight in addition to the above:

  • Thunder Rosa (c) vs. Marina Shafir (AEW Women’s World Championship)
  • Hangman Page vs. David Finlay
  • Buddy Matthews vs. Pac

AEW Dynamite is always newsworthy and packed full of action, so follow along with our live coverage below for all the updates, results and reactions to tonight’s show.

Moxley and O'Reilly

Someone put a little extra caffeine in Regal’s coffee tonight. You can actually hear him on commentary. He’s very excited about this one.

This one is a hard-hitting affair. Moxley locks in a submission move, then he transitions from one submission to another. Eventually, he makes a mistake and allows O’Reilly to lock in the arm bar. From there, Moxley works his way out.

From there, the two men enter the boo-yay forearm spot. In the end, O’Reilly wins that battle.

Wow. Moxley locks in the Crossface Chickenwing. The only way Kyle can get out of Moxley’s submission is to bite the middle rope with his teeth. Moxley drills O’Reilly with a huge clotheline.

Kyle O’Reilly and Moxley are just wearing each other out. Gotch style Piledriver. Now they are trading blows again. Both men no sell german suplexes. Moxley wins the fight though. He hits repeater elbows and a massive Paradigm Shift.

Little doubt about the outcome in this one. You knew Moxley was winning, but AEW does a good job of making you doubt it.

Moxley will now face Tanahashi or Goto. Until next time.

The Women's Title

Before the match, The Young Bucks are back. They want their titles back. The Hardys walk in. They want the titles too. Christian walks in and offers a Triple Threat Ladder Match between The Young Bucks, The Hardys, and Jurassic Express. Hmm. That’s a pay-per-view match on Dynamite.

Thunder Rosa finally gets to wrestle on Dynamite. Marina Shafir looks impressive. AEW needs a couple of women who are credible challengers, but also can lose when they level up. They need a woman like Kaz.

Paul Heyman was known for booking where he accentuated wrestlers’ strengths and hid their weaknesses. I think it’s fair to say at this point in her career Thunder Rosa’s biggest strength is her in-ring ability. They need to have her wrestling more often than not to build her star power. Top of the ramp promos wasn’t getting it done.

If she can put on good matches, sell us on the fact that she might lose, and make the opponent look great, then she could really get over and help others get over too. The AEW women’s roster needs that.

Rosa works stiff at times. She is pretty athletic. In this one, Shafir has been on the offensive for a good portion of the match. Shafir has a nice combination of ground and pound mixed with submission moves. Rosa on the other hand does a ton of strikes and high impact running moves.

She’s able to get the victory when she counters a roll-up by rolling through. She gets the pin. After the match, Shafir kicks Rosa int he back. She locks in her submission move. Tony Storm comes down to make the save. Rosa hits the Fire Thunder Driver. Storm hands Rosa the title but looks at it briefly before doing so.  Storm vs. Rosa. I could go for that.

The women’s 15 minutes of fame is continuing with Jade Cargill. Stokely Hathaway announces Kris Highlander is taking on Red Velvet on Dynamite. Yes, he said Highlander.

Tony Schiavone welcomes Wardlow

We get a little back and forth between Thunder Rosa and Marina Shafir who will wrestle later. That should be a fun one.

Wardlow has something on his mind. He welcomes the crowd to Wardlow’s World. Wardlow asked not to participate in the battle royal because he only wants to beat CM Punk the real world champ. He says there is a title he does want.

He says that title meant something until the last two guys who’ve held it. He says they’ve diminished what the TNT Title meant. He wants the TNT Title. Scorpio Sky immediately comes out. Dan Lambert runs down and stops Sky.

Backstage, Smart Mark Sterling is standing by with his security. He says Wardlow has two options. Go to court or face 20 security guards next week. Oh my! Which one will he choose?

Cowboy S is back

Hangman Adam Page is back in action tonight. He’s looking to get back on the winning side after losing the title to CM Punk. He’s taking on David Finley. Finley is from NJPW. We’re getting to a point where Tony Khan is trying to feature way too many people from too many places. We just had a faction from NJPW attacking AEW wrestlers who hold ROH championships. Now, we got another NJPW guy wrestling.

Adam Cole is on commentary. I’m not sure why, but he’s there. I assume we may get another round of Page/Cole. So far, Page is squarely in control. He hits a pretty brutal scoop slam. He sends Finley to the outside. He hits a suicide dive on Finley. Finley’s head hit the barricade hard. Page celebrates by drinking a fan’s beer. COVID is on the rise again. Not sure I’d be drinking after some random fan.

Finley gets back in the ring and after he gets his cobwebs shaken loose, he chop blocks Page and quickly attacks the knee.

Throughout the rest of the match, Page sells his knee. He manages to hit a dive to the outside, but immediately grabs the knee. Every time Page goes for a move, he delays because of his knee. The delay gives Finley a chance to counter. Eventually, Page hits the Buckshot Lariat. He wins.

Adam Cole is very upset on commentary. Hangman grabs the mic and has something to say. Page says he wasn’t in the Battle Royal and isn’t going to get a title shot anytime soon. Page says he remembers there isn’t just one title in professional wrestling. Page says he wants the IWGP Championship and he wants Okada. This makes Cole even more irate.

Cole grabs a mic. He says he deserves the IWGP Championship. He wants the shot. Boom.




We hear from Trent?

I’m not sure I’ve ever really heard Trent cut a promo before, certainly not on his own in the ring. He’s apparently missing his best friends tonight. So, he reminds us they didn’t win their match for the ROH Titles a few weeks ago. He wants another shot.

He calls out FTR. He wants another shot. If you remember, United Empire caused a no contest.

FTR did come down to the ring. They said they would be willing to fight, but Rocky isn’t here. He also says Trent should be mad at Cobb and GOK who are in Ospreay’s faction. Will Ospreay is out on the ramp. Aussie Open and Henare attack them from behind. United Empire leave Trent and company lying in the ring.

Backstage, Regal is talking to Undisputed Elite. He reminds them of their run in NXT. He says Moxley is a different breed though. He doesn’t want Kyle to get murdered. O’Reilly seems okay with it. He wants to face Mox and win the title.

All Atlantic Title Tournament

We randomly get a new title introduced in one of the more confusing moments thus far in AEW. AEW now has an All Atlantic Championship that represents 130 countries where people watch the show. PAC and Buddy Matthews is a first-round tournament match. With ROH being purchased, I believe every match in AEW will now feature a champion or will be a tournament match to face a champion.

Miro, Ethan Page, Malakai Black, and Penta are some of the other competitors in this one. Plus, some NJPW match will also be included.

These two buff, super-athletes are going at it. This is a fun one. The quickness and snap on the moves is quite fabulous. As we head to the commercial, the two guys both try to get one up on the other as they fake going for baseball slides to the outside. Eventually, they both wind up on the outside of the ring, and PAC throws Matthews into the barricade.

PAC hits a Springboard Poisonrana where he almost landed on his on head. He hits the Black Arrow and wins. I would absolutely love for him to win this tournament. He deserves a title at some point. That match was quite good. The crowd is fired up about that one. Penta and Fenix comes down to celebrate. In the feud that never ends, Black, King, and Hart come out to stare them down. Penta and Black will also face off in the tournament.

Kingston lets us know he’s angry and wants Hager on Rampage.


The Acclaimed have arrived

The ring is filling up. John Silver and Takeshita are out to join the fun. This is followed up by Colton Gunn, Austin Gunn, and Max Caster. We cut to picture in picture.

The next set of 5 are in. It’s possible someone was eliminated during the PIP, but I didn’t see it. Dante Martin, Wheeler Yuta, Bobby Fish, Kyle O’Reilly, and Powerhouse Hobbs are the next group of 5.

The only person left to enter is the joker. Max Caster was eliminated by Fenix. The Gunns are eliminated by Keith Lee. Swerve celebrates with Keith Lee. He steps back and eliminates Keith Lee. Lee is not happy. Are they splitting up? It sure looks like it.

The joker is Andrade El Idolo. He comes in and attacks lots of people. Kingston, Garcia, and Hager have all been eliminated. Hager and Garcia continue the beat down outside of the ring. John Silver was also eliminated by Hobbs.

Hobbs and Starks eliminate Takeshita. Dante Martin tries to eliminate Ricky Starks, but he just eliminates himself by flinging himself over the top rope. Fenix eliminates Ricky Starks next.

The Joker being Idolo is kind of disappointing. The last few big surprises by AEW have been lackluster. However, I think it’s good to reset expectations. When we finally get that next big shocker it will feel more special. Still, I would have preferred RUSH to make his debut there.

I think we’ve seen Swerve turn heel. He also eliminated Darby Allin in heel like fashion and then taunted him. He’s certainly acted more heel. Bobby Fish was eliminated somewhere in there as well.

We’re down to Kyle O’Reilly, Rey Fenix, Wheeler Yuta, and Andrade. Andrade hits a low blow on Fenix and then tosses him out.

O’Reilly and Andrade team up to take on Yuta, but he manages to get Andrade eliminated. Kyle O’Reilly eliminates Yuta and wins.

Kyle O’Reilly is the winner of the Casino Battle Royal. Now, he will be taking on Jon Moxley in the main event. The winner of that one faces the winner of Tanahashi and Goto at Forbidden Door. That will be a good one.

PAC vs. Buddy Matthews is next.

Casino Battle Royal

Darby Allin, Tony Nese, Eddie Kingston, Daniel Garcia and Lance Archer are the first 5 in the battle royal. Darby Allin is the only one who gets a TV entrance. He’s got his skateboard and attacks Archer. Archer isn’t affected. Eventually, Allin and Kingston square off to the delight of the crowd.

The next 5 in are Fenix, Ricky Starks, Jake Hager, Swerve Strickland, and Keith Lee. No one has been eliminated at this point, but that changes quickly. Swerve and Nese are battling on the apron. Keith Lee takes out Nese and Swerve is back in.

Archer and Keith Lee are battling it out in big boy fashion. Eventually, Keith Lee throws Archer out.

Nese and Archer are the only two eliminated.

The AEW Interim World Championship Eliminator

If you’re still not 100% sure what on earth is going on with the interim world title, you’re probably not the only one, but hopefully this makes it a bit easier:

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