AEW Dynamite Live Results – May 25, 2022

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AEW Dynamite Live Results – May 25, 2022 AEW

It’s Wednesday, and you know what that means – it’s time for another AEW Dynamite, but this time, it’s the last episode before Double Or Nothing.

Here’s what’s been announced for tonight’s show:

  • CM Punk & Hangman Page come face-to-face
  • Wardlow vs. Shawn Spears in a steel cage match with MJF as the referee
  • Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston vs. Private Party
  • Britt Baker vs. Toni Storm in an Owen Hart Foundation tournament semi-final
  • Samoa Joe vs. Kyle O’Reilly in an Owen Hart Foundation tournament semi-final
  • FTR defend the ROH World Tag Team Championship against Roppongi Vice
  • Jungle Boy vs. Ricky Starks vs. Swerve Strickland
  • Thunder Rosa to appear

As always with AEW it’s a jam-packed show, and other than this coming Friday’s Rampage, the last stop on the road to Double Or Nothing.

Follow along with our live coverage below for updates, results and reactions to tonight’s show!

The Owen - Samoa Joe vs. Kyle O'Reilly

This should be hard-hitting. This NXT main event should be quite a good one. Oh, wait, it’s AEW that I’m watching tonight. I got confused for a minute with Joe, O’Reilly, and Toni Storm on the show.

As the match hits the 5-minute mark, Kyle O’Reilly has really taken over. O’Reilly has focused on striking the shoulder and arm that Lethal’s gang attacked last week. O’Reilly continues to work over Joe’s arm. He goes for the arm breaker, but Joe kicks out. Kyle continues to try to beat him up, but Joe counters with a leg sweep and now Joe takes over. He hits a handful of moves before Kyle O’Rielly locks on another arm submission. Joe gets to the ropes.

Eventually, Samoa Joe is able to get Kyle O’Reilly in a rear naked choke. He locks it in for a long time. Eventually, Kyle O’Reilly passed out. Samoa Joe will be facing Adam Cole. Shocker…Adam Cole is here. Basically, just to pose on the ramp. See you Sunday!

The Owen - Storm vs. Baker

Toni Storm and Britt Baker battle to advance in the tournament. Baker sends Rebel and Hayter to the back. Something tells me they won’t stay there. Even though Baker is a heel, the crowd is firmly behind her. That’s probably because she’s really been the only woman in AEW who has been able to show the personality to connect with the fans. That’s either because the other women haven’t been able to talk their way over or haven’t been given the chance.

Toni Storm dominates the match early on. She looks to be in firm control when the match heads outside. Storm gets tossed into the steel steps. After, we go to the ad break, but Baker is in control throughout.

The pace picks up. Baker hits a nasty superkick. Storm goes for Storm Zero, but Baker counters into a Air Raid Crash. Storm kicks out. During this exchange, Jamie Hayter makes her way down. I thought that Superkick landed hard. She busted Storm’s nose open. It might be broken. I’m not sure if something went off, but Baker pins Storm on a roll-up. She grabbed the ropes and the ref didn’t see it.

Baker advances to the finals. She’ll either face Ruby Soho or Kris Statlander at DON.


3-Way Match is next

When Jungle Boy walks in with the belt around his waist, you can’t tell if he has pants on. He’s so tiny waisted. Starks starts off the match on the outside trying to let the other two fight it out. Swerve tries to shake hands with Jungle Boy, but when he turned his back, Starks attacks. This leads to a nice little combination of moves. Starks rolls up Swerve. Jungle Boy breaks it up with a roll-up of his own. When Starks kicks out, Swerve transitions into a small package.

Well, this was impressive. a spear to break up a suplex. An Avalanche Poisonrana where Swerve gets out of it by landing on his feet. Starks hits the Reachambeaux and Jungle Boy locks in the Snaretrap. Swerve breaks it up. He hits the double foot stomp and gets the win.

After the match, Hobbs attacks. The beef side of the house enters. The big boys battle until Keith Lee flattens everyone with a dive to the outside.

After the match, Dan Lambert talks some trash. He says he’s got a brand new TNT Championship Belt will be presented to him on Rampage.

Back on stage, Tony is interviewing Thunder Rosa. I said it last week and I’ll say it again. Thunder Rosa has not been allowed to be physical in the build up. Her talking is fine, but her physicality is her best trait. Oh, Thunder Rosa is here without any face paint. She wants Deeb to see the real her. She wants her to know on Sunday the war paint will be back on and she will take her out.

ROH World Tag Team Championship Match

Roppongi Vice and FTR are doing battle over the ROH Tag Titles. While I’m sure this match will be good, I prefer my AEW with less ROH.

This match has been stiff. At one point, Dax and Trent have a chop exchange in the corner that would make Gunther proud. Considering how long they’ve worked heels, Dax Harwood has a very, very good hot tag. He comes in fired up and drills his opponents with strike after strike. The match is strolling along, both teams are battling.

In the middle of the match, Jeff Cobb and Great O’Kharn attack all 4 members of the match. After they take out Roppongi Vice, they turn their attention to FTR. They go for a tag move, but botch it. Cobb hits a Tour of the Islands. O’Kharn puts Trent through a table. The United Empire stands tall with the ROH titles.

After that, we get a bit of an odd promo from the Hardys. They call The Bucks Hardy Cosplayers. Hardy says they are the Middle-Aged Extreme. Jeff Hardy says something and I have no idea what he meant by any of it, but I think he meant they were on their final run and it would be a good one. I’m pretty sure Matt Hardy said they didn’t do drugs as they were coming up. That’s a head scratcher, but nonetheless, they delivered the promo passionately.

Mox and Kingston

Regal is on commentary. Jericho comes out with the full JAS. He joins commentary as well. Before the match can even start, Moxley and Kingston attack. Marq Quen actually gets in a bit of offense, but it doesn’t last long.

During the first part of the match, Mox and Kingston deliver move after move. We go into the commercial break, but when we come back Private Party is on a roll. Marq Quen hits some beautiful offense. Private Party hits a double dive to the outside.

It was for naught though. Kingston locks in choke hold. Moxley locks in the Paradigm Shift. Eddie and Mox get the win. After the match, JAS and BCC go at it. Jericho looks exceptionally old tonight. He does attack Danielson’s injured leg. JAS escape and the crowd sings Wild Thing as we go into an ad break.


Champion and challenger come face to face

Before Hangman and Punk talk it out, Jericho throws a fireball in some random AEW employee backstage for wearing a Moxley shirt. He did it because he’s a wizard and all.

CM Punk talks first. He says it’s not personal. For him, it is all business.

Hangman says he was going to embarrass him. He said he wasn’t going to do it at DON he was going to do it tonight. He said he was going to light a pipebomb on him. He said he pities him. Hangman says Punk doesn’t understand what it takes to be a champion. Hangman Page says he won’t be defending this title against him. He’ll be defending AEW from CM Punk and all of his crap.

CM Punk takes credit for paving the way for AEW to be created. He says he doesn’t understand why Hangman is so mad. Punk wants a handshake. He shoves Page and Hangman decks him. Punk is playing mind games.

This Hangman has risen to the level of Punk. His promos have been on fire of late. Tonight was no different. The crowd was heavily in Punk’s favor. Page will be the “heel” in the crowd’s eyes, but I expect him to turn them this weekend like he did tonight.


Wardlow takes the final step

Wardlow has to face Shawn Spears in the cage with the special referee, MJF. MJF makes his entrance first. Spears is out next. Wardlow is out 3rd and the crowd goes nuts. It’s crazy how much Wardlow is getting the Goldberg treatment.

No entrance music. No problem. The crowd serenades him with the Wardlow chants.

In a nice little callback, MJF can’t find the handcuff key similar to how Wardlow couldn’t find the Diamond Ring in MJF’s match with CM Punk. Spears attacks and Wardlow is wrestling with the handcuffs on. MJF and Spears beat him up in a 2-on-1 attack. Until…

He breaks the handcuffs. Wardlow takes out Spears, but he can’t touch MJF. Wardlow gets Spears in the Powerbomb and MJF kicks him in the crotch. Spears gets a chair. MJF holds Wardlow. Wardlow moves. Spears drills MJF with a chair to the head.

In a wonderful camera cut, Spears is panicking on one knee. Wardlow rises up from behind in the camera shot. Wardlow hits the Powerbomb Symphony. He hits the final one on a chair and a second referee counts the pin. MJF hasn’t moved since taking the headshot.

Wardlow goes to get MJF. The security guards all get powerbombed. MJF escapes. Wardlow climbs to the top of the cage. Surely he’s not going to go for a Moonsault. He’s not. He just poses.

That’s not going to get a whole bunch of stars. But, that opener was a lot of fun. Predictable, of course, but fun nonetheless. Tony’s pure joy when MJF gets his is priceless.

AEW Celebrates Its 3-Year Anniversary

Follow along with our live coverage right here from the start of the show at 8pm ET!

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