AEW: Dynamite Live Results – May 4, 2022

11 months ago by Nate

AEW: Dynamite Live Results – May 4, 2022 AEW

It’s time for another exciting Wednesday night of wrestling with WrestleTalk! AEW: Dynamite features some exciting matches tonight, as well as, some debuting stars.

Here is the card:

  • Blackpool Combat Club vs. The Butcher, Blade, and Angelico
  • Deonna Purrazzo vs. Mercedes Martinez – ROH Women’s Championship
  • Fenix vs. Dante Martin
  • Chris Jericho vs. Santana
  • Wardlow vs. TBD (W. Morrisey is the prediction)
  • Bobby Fish vs. Jeff Hardy
  • The Varsity Blonds call out The House of Black

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ROH Women's Championship Unification Match

Mercedes Martinez and Deonna Purrazzo get about 10 minutes to wrestle in this one. Yet, they start off by going very slow.

This match was not your typical AEW Main Event. I’ll just say it wasn’t the most thrilling wrestling match I’ve ever seen. Additionally, there was no reason for anyone to care about this as there has been zero build on Dynamite for the match or either woman.

In the end, Mercedes gets the win and is your Undisputed ROH Women’s Champ. This is most likely due to the fact that Purrazzo is under contract to IMPACT.

This show was not the most exciting AEW show I’ve ever seen. Fenix and Martin was a great match. The Page promo was great. I’m not sure there’s anything else I’d want to watch a second time.

Until next time…

Thunder Rosa speaks

We don’t often get to hear from Thunder Rosa without Vicky Guerrero interrupting. Tonight, we hear her story of becoming a champion. She talks about who inspired her. It was Serena Deeb.

Deeb comes out and says she is the best. She says she is on another level. She says everyone in the world knows she is the best women’s wrestler on the planet. Deeb challenges Rosa for the AEW Women’s Championship at DON.

I’m not sure anyone was thinking Deeb was the best. The promo was pretty good. Deeb hasn’t been able to speak a lot, but she more than carried her own.


Fenix vs. Dante Martin

This match is everything you’d expect him to be. These two guys are incredible high flyers. Reverse Spanish Fly. Canadian Destroyer. Dives to the outside. There’s no limit to what these guys do.

At one point, Rey Fenix sets up for a reverse Spanish Fly from the top rope. Both men land on their feet. They both reverse a few more dives right after. Fenix hits a Fenix Driver for the win.

If you are just reading this and didn’t watch. Go to YouTube and watch the highlights of this one.

The brackets are released for the Owen Hart tournament. Darby discusses his first-round matchup with Jeff Hardy in what has to be the most understated promo of all time.



Varsity Blonds Promo?

Brian Pillman Jr. is calling out The House of Black. John Harbaugh, the coach of the Baltimore Ravens, is ringside. He was The Original Pillman were roommates and good friends. So, The Varsity Blonds call out the House of Black. The lights go out.

The House of Black appear on the stage. They take out the Blond guys. After the match, The HOB give Julia Hart a chair to use on Griff Garrison. She can’t do it. She’s not evil after all. At least, not yet. Black gets in her face and rips off the eye patch. She should wash that eye. Death Triangle makes the same.

We get a promo from The Baddie Squad. Rey Fenix vs. Dante Martin is next.

Jericho the Wizard

Apparently, I’ve missed something because Jericho is now announced as the Wizard. Before the match, Santana dives and takes out the entire JAS. This rivalry is supposed to be incredibly heated. The opening of the match portrayed that nicely. As the match got underway, the intensity dropped. It no longer felt like a blood feud. It was a good match, but it didn’t feel like these two guys hated each other.

2point0 got involved allowing Jericho to hit the low blow. That was it. Jericho beats Santana. Santan had several near falls but couldn’t put him away.

After the match, JAS beats down Santana and Ortiz. Eddie Kingston isn’t here because of his injuries. I keep waiting for someone to come and make this a fair fight, but not yet.



Hangman Page

The Cowboy is in a bad mood. He seems to be going a bit more heelish tonight. He even tells a fan that he’ll send him back to the merch table to get a refund after he’s done with CM Punk. He tells the crowd that all the fans will be disappointed because Punk is off filming a television show.

Page promises he’s going to destroy Punk. I think if AEW books Hangman Page to go over CM Punk it could make Page. Personally, I hope they do.

After the promo, Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, and Satnam Singh cut a promo about Rampage. Up next, Santana and Jericho.

Wardlow vs. ???

Wardlow makes his way into the ring without any music. He’s wearing handcuffs and facing a mystery opponent.

Prior to the match, we get a promo from Swerve Strickland and Keith Lee. They have unfinished business with Team Taz. Lee busted out the phrase Swerve in our Glory. Not sure that is catching on.

MJF cuts a promo before the match with his usual lovely candor. MJF announces the Mystery Opponent and its W. Morrisey. The crowd begins dueling chants of “We Want Enzo. No, We Don’t.” Seems to bug Morrisey.

If you are reading these results and haven’t seen Morrisey, Big Cass, since his WWE days, then you haven’t seen the incredible shape he’s in. Morrisey would be a great heavy for MJF.

Wardlow hits an incredible moonsault from the top rope onto a standing Morrisey. He hits one powerbomb and gets the win. Morrisey looked good and made Wardlow look even more dangerous. After the match, Wardlow loses it. He takes out all the security guards.

He grabs the mic and screams at MJF. He says it doesn’t matter how big they are. He’s going to keep coming until he gets his hands on MJF. MJF says he he will give Wardlow his match, but he has some conditions. He will be giving those conditions next week in Long Island, NY.

We get another promo between the 4 women in the Owen tournament. Ruby Soho, Toni Storm, Jamie Hayter, and Dr. Britt Baker. Soho and Storm are wearing matching gear. These segments are not…good.

The star continues to rise!

The Blackpool Combat Club is taking on Blade, Butcher, and Angelico. AEW is building Wheeler Yuta as a star. If you’d have asked me who one of the breakout AEW stars of 2022 would be, it would have taken me a very, very long time before I would have named Wheeler Yuta. However, he is certainly making the most of his chance and whoever saw this in him should get a raise.  He has been fantastic.

The Blackpool Combat Club gets the win. In what is becoming their usual spot in every match, all 3 men get in the ring and unleash repeating strikes on each man. They then transition into a submission move of their own. This time Bryan Danielson gets the submission.

After the match, Jurassic Express accept the challenge from Starks and Hobbs. However, Jungle Boy wants a shot at the FTW Championship. The match is made for next week.

Up next is Wardlow.

Fish vs. Hardy

Jeff Hardy and Bobby Fish are doing battle in order to qualify Owen Hart Foundation Tournament. Adam Cole, on commentary, and Kyle O’Reilly have already qualified.

Jeff Hardy is pretty consistent. He hasn’t added a lot of new offense over the years. He’s definitely gone with the Rolling Ston version of playing the hits.

He hits the Swanton Bomb for the win. Bobby Fish looked like he was going to win after a huge Avalance Falcon Arrow. Hardy qualifies for the Owen Tournament.

After the match, The Young Bucks head down to the ring. They stare down the Hardy Boys and a potential match is teased. That is definitely happening at DON.

Welcome to the show

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