AEW Rampage Live Results – April 1, 2022

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AEW Rampage Live Results – April 1, 2022 AEW

It is Friday night and that can only mean AEW Rampage. The fasted hour of wrestling television is here again. WrestleTalk will have all your live coverage and news form AEW’s Friday night show. Tonight’s card looks like fun.

  • Will Hobbs vs. Keith Lee
  • House of Black vs. Dark Order and Feugo Del Sol
  • The Young Bucks vs. Top Flight
  • Dan Lambert, Scorpio Sky, Ethan Page, and Paige Vanzant speak
  • Kris Statlander speaks
  • Jamie Hayter vs Skye Blue – Owen Hart Tournament

Where the big boys play

Keith Lee and Powerhouse Hobbs are set to battle. These are two big fellas. Keith Lee looks as big as I’ve ever seen him. Meanwhile, Hobbs looks like he’s slimmed down a bit, but he’s still a huge, muscle-bound human.

Lee drills Hobbs and sends him to the outside. If there’s one thing you can almost guarantee, it’s the fact that AEW will send you to a commercial break about 3 minutes into a Rampage match.

Hobbs and Lee trade blows. Lee hits a huge, stiff clothesline. He gets a near fall after that one. Keith Lee is going for a Spirit Bomb, but Hobbs reverses into a backdrop.

Ricky Starks comes down to the ring and causes a distraction. Swerve comes down and stops him. The ref is distracted. Hobbs hits a Spinebuster. He makes the cover, but there’s no ref. Hobbs had him for 3.

Lee hits the Big Bang Catastrophe for the win. After the match, Starks put Swerve through the table. Hobbs takes out Lee with a chair. Lee is in the ring. They set up a table.

Starks and Hobbs beat down Lee. Lee makes a comeback, but not for long. Hobbs spears Lee through the table. What a spear. That was a really fun show. No slow moments. 4 good matches. Another great show.


Owen Hart Foundation Tournament

Jamie Hayter and Skye Blue are fighting for the opportunity to advance in the tournament. No Britt Baker here tonight. She is boycotting AEW until AEW goes back to Pittsburgh.

Early on in this one, Hayter and Blue are really putting on a show. Skye Blue starts off hot. Eventually, Hayter’s power takes over. She hits a super nasty backbreaker. Wow. That looked like it would hurt.

Blue fights back. Blue gets a near fall after a big kick. She spent too much time catering to the crowd.

In the end, Hayter hits a massive Brain Buster. Short Arm Clothesline. Hayter gets the win. This one was a sure thing for Hayter.

Skye Blue looked great. AEW really does a good job of making the loser look good.

The main event is next.


Dark Order and Fuego vs. House of Black

I could watch Stu Grayson wrestle every show. He doesn’t get enough credit for how good he is. He and Buddy Matthews put on a classic first couple of minutes. Fuego is in and he is promptly thrown out of the ring by Brody King. We head to commercial. This is a fun one so far.

This match is classic AEW fun. The rules go out the window. Tags out the window. Each guy takes turns hitting big move after big move. King hits a huge dive off the apron onto both Dark Order. Fuego Del Sol hits Poisonrana.

In the end, Fuego gets kicked in the head and Black gets the win. This was terrific.

Backstage, The Young Bucks accept FTR’s challenge. They will be fighting on AEW Dynamite this week.

Dan Lambert and crew

Dan Lambert is in the ring. He says he was very upset when a couple left the company. He has a bunch of stripper jokes and no one to use them on. I guess he has to use them on Sammy and Tay.

They all make a bunch of sophomoric jokes. As they wrap up, Sammy Guevara is in the parking lot and he says he wants a match. He’s going to keep doing things until they give him one. He then proceeds to destroy Lambert’s BMW.

This is one of those things that never really work for me. It’s unrealistic. Clearly, if you destroyed my car on camera, I’d just call the cops and have you arrested. But, it’s wrestling.

Backstage, Tony is going to interview Hook. Before Hook can speak, Danhausen comes in and talks. He is upset that Hook didn’t get cursed last week. He tries cursing him again and it does work. That was actually quite funny. Danhausen was terrific.

Battle of the bros

The Young Bucks are battling the other brother duo in Top Flight. No shocker here. There are a lot of flips early on. Top Flight do not look a bit out of place in this one. Considering he has been out for a while, Darius Martin looks great.

The Young Bucks are great heels. They still do their high flying moves, but they make them so obnoxious that you just want to see them get beat up. This is going to be one of those matches where The Young Bucks make Top Flight look incredible, but still get the win.

There’s one exchange in the middle of the match where Top Flight do some incredible combinations. Dante ends up getting pushed off the top rope into the barricade. Darius hits a Spanish Fly, but he doesn’t have anyone to tag. The Young Bucks take advantage.

In the end, The Young Bucks hit the BTE Trigger. Darius Martin put up a good fight after Dante was taken out. However, the 2 on 1 advantage was just too much. The Young Bucks will be wrestling FTR on Wednesday this week on Dynamite.

Kris Statlander gets a video package after the match. Apparently, she has a new side.

Tonight's card:

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