AEW Rampage Live Results – May 13, 2022

1 year ago by Liam Winnard

AEW Rampage Live Results – May 13, 2022 AEW

Ready for Rampage? At an earlier start time of 5:30pm ET for the second week running, here’s what’s in store for us tonight:

  • Scorpio Sky (c) vs. Frankie Kazarian – TNT Championship
  • Riho vs. Ruby Soho – Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament Quarter-Final
  • Interview with TBS Champion Jade Cargill & ‘The Baddies’
  • Death Triangle vs. Marq Quen, The Butcher & The Blade
  • Shawn Spears vs. Bear Bronson

If you’re in work or can’t watch the show for some other reason because of the earlier start time, fear not because you can follow along with our live coverage below!

Remember, even if you’ve seen the spoilers from Wednesday night’s taping, AEW will often add stuff like interview segments in post, so there might still be some stuff you weren’t expecting.

Wait, Sammy & Tay Are STILL Babyfaces After All?

It won’t shock you that this match was technically good – both of these guys are great and on top of that they obviously know each other so well. I definitely wish we got to see more of Kaz in general.

Another thing that won’t shock you is that Lambert and Page did end up coming out. Lambert distracted the ref and Page nailed Kazarian with the title belt, but still kicked out at two. However, Sky managed to follow up with his finisher and got the win.

The idea is he didn’t realise Page and Lambert got involved, and he’ll be mad when he does find out because he wanted a fair match against Kazarian.

Kazarian tells Sky what happened and Sky does indeed get mad at Lambert and Page. Page gets on a mic and yells at him questioning whose team Sky is actually on.

But then Sky nails Kazarian with the belt and… IT WAS ALL A PLAN. Sky knew all along!

Tay and Sammy then came to the ring to run Sky, Lambert and Page off and save Kazarian, which was really weird. So… they’re NOT heels? Super confusing. And not good. JUST MAKE THEM HEELS, THEY’RE SO UNLIKEABLE. THEY’D BE ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC HEELS.

Oh well, that was certainly an hour of AEW Rampage. Remember to stop by for our live coverage of SmackDown later too!

It Looks Like There's Been Enough Talk

Before the TNT Title match we get the usual pre-main event interview with Mark Henry.

Henry asked Scorpio Sky a question but Ethan Page interrupted and answered it, so they’re continuing to push that Page and Dan Lambert could turn on Sky, or the other way around, but either way with Sky coming out as a babyface and the other two as heels.

Then a quick recap of the card for next week’s Dynamite and Rampage – the only new thing announced that wasn’t alreaedy announced this past Wednesday was that Red Velvet vs Kris Statlander will be on Rampage.

They also had moving graphics for the two title matches that have been announced for Double Or Nothing, so that’s nice. What’s also nice is hearing Kazarian’s very very very very very very good entrance music for once.

Sky doesn’t have Page or Lambert with him, but AAA Mixed Tag Team Champions Sammy Guevara and Tay Conti – the second best heel couple in wrestling behind Grayson Waller and Tiffany Stratton – are in the crowd.

Kris Statlander Replacing Hikaru Shida In The Owen

Tony Schiavone is in the ring for an interview with Jade Cargill and the Baddies, and Mark Sterling is still with them too.

This was basically just to announce that Kris Statlander is replacing Hikaru Shida in Red Velvet’s Owen Hart tournament quarter-final.

There was a bit of comedy in there with Jade Cargill asking Sterling what on earth happened to him since he was wearing braces and stuff after being powerbombed by Wardlow, but she cut him off and said no-one cares. Which is true.

Sterling is somehow involved in three different things in AEW – MJF/Wardlow, HOOKhausen vs Tony Nese, and Jade Cargill. Fair play to him, really.

Up next is the main event with Scorpio Sky defending the TNT Title against former tag team champion partner Frankie Kazarian.

The Gunn Club & The Acclaimed

The Gunn Club and the Acclaimed are a faction now, and they’re trying to figure out their hand gestures and catchphrases.

The Gunn boys were suggesting DX’s hand gestures and catchphrases so Billy told them to shut up, and they just went with the Acclaimed’s scissors gesture, and ‘Hey, listen’.

Billy then says he’s used his pull backstage to get them a match. They were excited that it could have been on Dynamite or Rampage or even Double Or Nothing, but it’s actually on Elevation on Monday. But they were still excited about it.

I hope this is leading to a babyface Acclaimed turning on the Gunns rather than a long-term group.

Ruby Soho Is In The Semi-Finals

In a battle of the very-different-but-equally-good entrance themes, Ruby Soho picks up the win to advance to the semi-finals.

This was obviously a ‘respectful’ match with two babyfaces, shaking hands at the start and not doing anything too evil to each other during the match, although Soho did target Riho’s arm a bit since she just returned from injury.

Soho will face the winner of Kris Statlander (Shida was pulled due to injury) vs Red Velvet in her semi-final. Soho won with the Bladerunner, which is a way better finisher than the Riot Kick or whatever it’s called now).

The semi on the other half of the bracket will see Toni Storm – who beat Jamie Hayter in the quarter-final – take on Britt Baker or whoever Baker’s mystery opponent is.

Spears The 'Giant Killer', Owen Hart Tournament Up Next

Boulder got in a bit of offence, but as expected, this was a short match and a win for Spears.

Before delivering his C4 finisher, he shouted “Wardlow”, and then post-match he nailed Boulder with a chair a few times. He’s SENDING A MESSAGE as they say.

Apparently Spears is being called the “giant killer” now that he’s beaten Bear Boulder, which is a bit silly. He should probably beat one or two other giants before being called that, not just one that’s a jobber.

Then we get an interview with Mark Sterling and Tony Nese, who have been announced for a match against HOOKhausen on the Double Or Nothing Buy-In.

Sterling says he’s a lawyer and he’ll be able to get out of the match, but Nese says it’s fine because he can beat HOOKhausen by himself anyway.

Up next is Riho taking on Ruby Soho in the women’s version of the Owen Hart Foundation tournament. Riho qualified over Yuka Sakazaki, and Soho qualified over Robyn Renegade.

Shawn Spears Up Next

Up next is MJF’s right-hand-man Shawn Spears taking on Bear Boulder. This is obviously being done to show that Spears can beat a ‘big guy’ before his cage match with Wardlow.

I sort of expected a big reaction for Spears because the show was in Long Island and he’s MJF’s guy, but either the crowd was dead and didn’t care, or they edited the audio.

Death Triangle Win, Aren't Finished With House Of Black

They kind of tried to tell the story that Fenix had a little ring rust and was getting beaten down by Marq Quen, which didn’t make too much sense considering his performance against Dante Martin last week.

Another thing they mentioned was that, since returning, Fenix has been wearing white attire, in contrast to Penta Oscuro’s black gear. So read into that whatever you want, I guess.

For some reason Quen has dyed his beard white and it makes him look old.

Anyway, speaking of Quen, he was pinned by Pac off the back of the Black Arrow. The match was larely what you’d expect from a trios match with Death Triangle in it.

Kyle O’Reilly was shown in the crowd scouting because he’s facing Fenix this coming Wednesday, and then, SHOCK, the lights go out and the House of Black are ringside, and then the lights out again, and they’ve gone.

AEW did want to do Death Triangle vs House of Black at Revolution but they had to substitute in Erick Redbeard instead of Fenix because of his injury, so they’ll probably end up doing the match at Double Or Nothing instead.

Death Triangle In Action

We’re opening tonight’s show with trios action as the Death Triangle reunite for the first time since Rey Fenix’s return to take on the AFO combo of Marq Quen, The Butcher & The Blade.

As usual for Rampage, the show starts with everyone in the ring instead of entrances so there’s time to fit in as much actual wrestling as possible.

Ready For Rampage?

It’s nearly time for the most action-packed hour in pro-wrestling! Make sure you follow along with us from 5:30pm ET!

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