NXT 2.0 Live Results – April 12, 2022

12 months ago by Amanda Savage

NXT 2.0 Live Results – April 12, 2022 WWE

Welcome to NXT 2.0 Tuesday live results!

A HUGE show has already been announced for tonight, including:

  • NXT Women’s Championship on the line with Mandy Rose vs. Dakota Kai
  • NXT North American Championship on the line with Cameron Grimes vs. Solo Sikoa
  • NXT Tag Team Championship titles gauntlet match to determine the new champs – Grayson Waller and Sanga vs. Legado del Fantasma vs. The Creed Brothers vs. Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen vs Pretty Deadly
  • Kushida vs. Von Wagner
  • and find out what is going on with Joe Gacy kidnapping Bron Breakker’s Dad, Rick Steiner!

Join us back here at 5pm PST / 8pm EST and 1am BST for all the live results action!

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Gauntlet Match

Starts off with Creed Brothers vs. Legado Del Fantasma

Creed Brothers have LDF in a double ankle lock but the holds are broken as LDF reach one another? Creeds continue to keep control of the match with Brutus dropping a giant powerbomb on Wilde for a near fall. Wilde with a 450 off-the-top rope on Julius Creed but he kicks out at two. Brutus gets the pinfall victory to advance as Briggs and Jensen make their entrance as LDF is leaving, with Elektra Lopez smashing Fallon Henley in the face on her way past.

Creed Brothers vs. Briggs & Jensen

Despite controlling most of the match, Briggs & Jensen fall to the Creed Brothers after taking Brutus out earlier in the match by putting him through the announce table, leaving Julius to try and hang on for both of them.

The Creeds appear to be barely hanging on by the time Grayson Waller and Sanga’s music hits.

Creed Brothers vs. Sanga & Grayson Waller

While it seems like this will actually be a two-on-one match as Waller isn’t expected to tag in, he asks Sanga to tag him in and… Waller had been playing possum as he rips the arm brace off and attacks!! During the picture in picture break, Sanga and Waller manhandle the Creeds as we’re back and the Creeds begin to turn the tide as Brutus takes Sanga off his feet, tagging to Julius who then does the same then a clothesline as he goes for the pin and is victorious over Sanga!

Creed Brothers vs. Pretty Deadly

Pretty Deadly tries to make their NXT 2.0 debut a title win, as the Creeds are selling their exhaustion and PD takes advantage. With back and forth action throughout the match, it comes down to the final set of moves in the match with Brutus attempting to go for a knee but is caught instead by both members while the ref’s back is turned, with Pretty Deadly hitting their move, Spilt Milk for the pinfall victory and NEW NXT Tag Team Champions!


Xyon Quinn vs. Draco Anthony

Fairly fast match between these two with Xyon Quinn picking up the victory.


Cora Jade promo + surprise guest!

Speaking of a new challenger for Mandy Rose – here comes Cora Jade to talk about how she NEEDS a shot at the NXT Women’s Championship when she’s interrupted by none other than Natayla herself!

“You’re the future of the NXT Women’s division, but the future is bleak!” Bam! Nattie slaps Cora Jade and puts her in the Sharpshooter!

Honestly didn’t know Natalya called herself the Boat as in best of all time… she puts backstage on notice, the BOAT is here!

Mandy Rose vs. Dakota Kai

Mandy Rose defeats Dakota Kai via pinfall with some standard Toxic Attraction chicanery to help her get the win. Despite a serious-looking double stomp from Kai on Rose, with Gigi and Jacy at ringside throughout it really was another example of a three on one match from the same revolving door. Mandy needs a new challenger… in the final third of the match, Dolin distracted the ref while Jayne gives the NXT championship belt to Mandy but Dakota intercepts, is holding the belt but Rose hits her with a flying knee to the face to pick up the win.


After the match, Wendy Choo appears on the ring apron with two super soakers and starts spraying down Toxic Attraction who sell it like it’s a milk and/or beer truck, lol. See below.


Von Wagner and Jiro

Robert Stone in the ring, bragging about the attack backstage on Jacket Time where Von Wagner has apparently laid out both members of Jacket Time in advance of his announced match against Kushida but it would be Jiro who would eventually limp out to the ring to challenge the big man.

While Von Wagner is in control most of the match, the crowd is really behind Jiro and he even gets a nearfall after a big swanton bomb but it wasn’t enough. Wagner got back up and completely planted Jiro for a pinfall victory.

After the match, Von Wagner is celebrating and tosses Jiro into the crowd to impress Sofia Cromwell.

Joe Gacy & Bron Breakker

Bron Breakker comes out and lets us know that Rick Steiner is indeed home and safe – he calls out Gacy who doesn’t show in person but does pop up on screen and says that spending some time with Bron’s father helped him understand him better because “he took his beating like a man,” but he did leave something behind – his WWE Hall of Fame ring.

Gacy throws it into a campfire? I mean if it’s a metal ring that’s not really going to do a ton and it’s not like he’s had it for years, it’s so new it could obviously be easily replaced… okay, sorry I’m falling down a rabbit hole. Gacy says the ring symbolizes all of the Steiner family’s hard work, sacrifice, “missed birthdays,” and everything they’ve given to the business. And we watch it not really burn but sit in a fire pit?

While Breakker is shown watching this video, he doesn’t respond and it just cuts to a couch convo with Toxic Attraction.

Later in the show, Gacy will pull the ring out of the same fire with metal barbecue tongs and then put it on his pinkie finger while there are sizzling sound effects. Why did Joe Gacy just mutilate his pinkie finger and probably also injure his ring finger since he notably wears a wedding band?  No clue. Let me know on Twitter if I am missing something that would make me understand this storyline; I still don’t get Joe Gacy. ?

Cameron Grimes vs. Solo Sikoa

North American Championship match kicks off the show!

Vic Joseph continues his mission to make me squirt tears by saying he was able to speak to Grimes who said not only did he go home with his North American Championship title, he took it to his Father’s grave.

Interestingly, both commentary and Grimes himself reference the Bloodline in relationship to Solo Sikoa which I believe is the most specific reference we’ve heard before, they often do not address the crowd chanting “Uso” at him. I will need to hear how they bridge the gap between the Bloodline acknowledgment and continuing to reference him living on his own, on the streets? Again, am I to believe Rikishi kicked only this son out of the house and he has been experiencing homelessness prior to joining NXT 2.0?

After an evenly fought match that truly could have easily seen the NA title change hands, Grimes beats Sikoa via pinfall after a distraction interference by Trick Williams sees him taking on both Grimes and Sikoa but ultimately it was Solo who goes down the floor to superkick Williams, as he returns to the ring he is hit with a Cave In from Grimes for the win.

After the match, former North American Champ, Carmello Hayes pops up and both he and Trick Williams beat down Cameron Grimes.

Backstage Grayson Waller says he and Sanga really should have just been handed the titles but whatever, they’re going to win them in the gauntlet match.

Bron Breakker is seen walking with purpose backstage – he will address the Steinernapping situation, next!


Almost time for NXT 2.0!

Championship Tuesday is upon us and we’re guaranteed to have at least one set of NEW champions before the end of the night! Join us back here for all the live results action.

Someone better tell me where Gacy has Steiner!!!!!! Now THAT was a cliffhanger!

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