WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results – April 19, 2022

11 months ago by Amanda Savage

WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results – April 19, 2022 WWE

It’s NXT 2.0 Tuesday! Welcome to all the NXT Live Results action!

Coming up on tonight’s show according to WWE.com:

  • Carmelo Hayes tells Santos Escobar to put up or shut up
  • Tatum Paxley looks to prove herself in a singles match with Natalya
  • Sarray is ready to settle the score with Tiffany Stratton
  • Grayson Waller squares off with his former bodyguard Sanga

Join us back here at 5pm PST / 8pm EST / 1am BST for all of the NXT 2.0 updates throughout the show!

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Pretty Deadly vs. Dexter Lumis and Duke Hudson

Gacy is watching Breakker wander around on security cameras and says it’s time to END this!

Back in the ring, Pretty Deadly is taking on Lumis and Hudson and the NXT tag team titles are on the line! In a solid match with near falls that made it seem actually possible that Dexter Lumis and Duke Hudson could win tag team gold together, eventually Pretty Deadly pick up the win.

Their celebration is relatively short-lived as the lights cut out and Joe Gacy appears – he summons Bron Breakker who joins him on the balcony, Gacy says he’ll give him back Steiner’s HOF ring if he gives him a title match at Spring Breakin’ – Breakker accepts and then Gacy tells him there’s one more thing to do – “take a leap of faith!” and shoves Bron off of the balcony.

Breakker is then shown laying on his back while… maybe six? Druid looking people circle around him and then lean over him like they are perhaps feeding off of him…? Bron is yelling “get off me!” as the camera goes back to filming Joe Gacy looking creepy to end the show.

Roxanne Perez vs. Jacy Jayne

Perez picks up a surprise victory in her debut after Jayne is distracted by Wendy Choo trashing the Toxic Attraction locker room on the big screen, leaving Perez the room to pick up the pinfall win.

Wes Lee vs. Xyon Quinn

“Dominating victory for Xyon Quinn!” – Vic Joseph

This was a fast match, not sure what the purpose was but Wes Lee loses via pinfall after Quinn hits him with a flying forearm.

Natalya vs. Tatum Paxley

This was clearly a match to establish the BOAT here on NXT 2.0 as Paxley did get an arm drag in but eventually fell to Nattie’s sharpshooter. Natalya has Cora Jade’s hat and is making fun of her, mocks her in a backstage interview as well until she’s interrupted by Nikkita Lyons who says she hears Natalya put the women’s locker room on notice… and she wants Nattie next! ?


Santos Escobar vs. Carmelo Hayes

A great battle between these two was enjoyable to watch until Tony D’Angelo seems to have sent two operatives to take out Escobar on the outside, delivering the win to Melo who picks up the victory by pinfall after a diving leg drop.

After the match, Carmelo gets on the mic and says he will be reclaiming his North American championship which summons Cameron Grimes who accepts a match with Hayes in two weeks at Spring Break-In; while Hayes is still pre-occupied with Grimes, he warns that Melo might want to turn around but is largely ignored until Solo Sikoa makes his presence known, taking out Hayes and telling Grimes he wants the next shot.

LDF vs. Drake and Gibson

LDF make short work of Drake and Gibson with Escobar standing tall after the match, calling out Tony D’Angelo saying that he will show him how a real leader does it as we go into a commercial break.

After the break, the commentary says there was a brawl ‘onsight’ between Briggs and Jensen with Fallon Henley and LDF so they are not at ringside.

There’s also a backstage interview segment with Wes Lee


Roxanne Perez

A video package introducing Roxanne Perez into a backstage interview with her where she’s interrupted by Toxic Attraction and Mandy Rose, the latter who tells her that the butterflies she’s feeling meeting them are totally normal but not to set her sights too high here in NXT; Perez says “… okay?” and Toxic Attraction responds by saying that she sounds like she has an attitude, your debut has moved up to – tonight!

Roxanne agrees and says she’ll figure something out, what a babyface!

Her character seems like the NXT 2.0 version of Lacey Evans’ repackage, no?

Sarray vs Tiffany Stratton

Sarray and Tiffany Stratton put on a decent, fairly fast match by which Stratton picks up the win after busting out her impressive corkscrew Vader bomb and getting the pinfall victory.

Backstage, Breakker is still hunting Gacy – he hears his Dad’s voice and follows it to an open cage with a tablet playing Steiner’s kidnapping video from two weeks ago on NXT.

Pretty Deadly kick off the show

Pretty Deadly attempted to kick off the show with a celebration of their tag team championship win last week on NXT 2.0 but they’re interrupted by “Gibson and Drake” (did I miss Grizzled Young Veterans getting re-packaged or was that it?) who are then interrupted by Legado Del Fantasma but they LDF doesn’t even wait for Elektra Lopez to finish her promo, they jump Gibson and Drake with all four rolling in the ring but apparently who cares about this?!

Bron Breakker comes out, grabs the mic and calls out Joe Gacy – he wants him and his Dad’s HOF ring, NOW!

Joe Gacy takes over all the screens saying that he is hiding from Breakker, but come and find him! and then runs a very annoying clip of him laughing on all of the screens.


It's Almost Time! Yes Boy!!

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