WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results – March 22, 2022

1 year ago by Amanda Savage

WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results – March 22, 2022

It’s NXT 2.0 Tuesday and time for the second-to-last show before NXT Stand and Deliver invades on WrestleMania Saturday, April 2, 2022.

Currently scheduled for tonight’s show per WWE.com:

  • Bron Breakker looks to break Robert Roode in one-on-one showdown
  • Io Shirai & Kay Lee Ray collide with Wendy Choo & Dakota Kai in Dusty Classic Finals

… and probably more because they have 2 hours to fill on USA Network!

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Io Shirai & Kay Lee Ray vs. Wendy Choo & Dakota Kai in Dusty Classic Finals


Wendy Choo is not here to play games tonight people! This match is very enjoyable action with off-the-top rope action from Choo. Dakota Kai and Kay Lee Ray exchange blows before Io tags back in they double team Kai including hitting her with a 619 but Choo breaks up the pin.

Kai is able to reverse KLR, double stomp off the top rope and a tag from Choo with Wendy Choo hitting another move off the top rope, pinning KLR but Io Shirai like a bullet off the other turnbuckle nails Kai which sends her into the pin to break it! Clever!

KLR headbutts Wendy, plants her with a KLR bomb and Shirai goes off the top rope with a major moonsault to get the pinfall victory on Wendy Choo for the win.

2022 Dusty Cup Women’s Champions are Kay Lee Ray and Io Shirai!

Mandy Rose is on the mic, cut the stupid music! Everyone! Stay where they are! The champ has something to say! First of all, congratulations ladies for winning the women’s Dusty cup! Wow. Even though Wendy and Dakota blew it, regardless, congratulations. But if you two think for one second that you’re going to beat Gigi and Jacy and become the tag team champions, you’re sadly mistaken!”

KLR says, “You know what Mandy? We agree!” Io says, “You said you’d fight any woman for the title!” back to KLR – “so me and Io think that we are going to cash in on our tag-team title opportunity but instead we’re going to make the women’s championship match at Stand and Deliver a fatal four way!”

Out runs Cora Jade to even the odds, ending the show with Shirai, Ray and Jade in the ring and Toxic Attraction on the ramp.

Duke Hudson vs. Gunther

Wildly enjoyable match where Duke tries to keep up with Gunther is impressive no matter what name he goes by.

The crowd goes bananas and chants “holy s**t” while full-on welts grow on Hudson’s chest in front of our eyes. Hey, this isn’t AEW, what’s happening here?!

Ending in multiple extra chops for good measure and a big powerbomb

Indi Hartwell was giving a thumbs up at the end, lol.

Gunther says he is the most dominant competitor in NXT but STILL he has been overlooked and it is an absolute disgrace that someone like LA Knight can talk himself… uh oh, LA Knight’s music hits.

He comes out to the ring with a mic and starts to talk, Gunther says SHUT UP! “You represent everything that is wrong in this sport today, a lot of talking but very little skill. You can talk yourself into championship matches but you don’t have what it takes to win them!”

Knight says “listen to me very carefully, if you ever interrupt me again I’ll knock your blockhead off your Dad-bod.” Since Gunther doesn’t want his words, Knight will show him this! and lays a big chop on him! Of course, Imperium jumps in and it is a 3 on 1 until MSK makes the run-in save.

An emotional backstage vignette from Cameron Grimes about his Dad, why being a champion would mean so much to him and next week he’s ready to do whatever it takes in the wild card triple threat to get back into the North American championship ladder match.

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