WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results – May 10, 2022

1 year ago by Amanda Savage

WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results – May 10, 2022 WWE

NXT 2.0 results for May 10, 2022 are here! Tonight, Cora Jade in action against Natalya and the kickoff of the women’s Breakout tournament! Plus will we see Sasha Banks?!

Currently scheduled for tonight’s stacked show includes a grudge match several weeks in the making when Cora Jade takes on the self-described “B.O.A.T.” (best of all time!) Natalya, visiting NXT from the main roster. After they tangled in tag team action last week, this should be a good one.

Also scheduled, Wendy Choo partnered up with Roxanne Perez to take on Toxic Attraction and the kick-off of the first-ever Women’s NXT Breakout tournament.

Join us back here at 5pm PST/ 8pm EST/ 1am BST for all the NXT 2.0 action!

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Cora Jade vs. Natalya

Snappy back and forth action between these two ladies with dueling chants in the crowd who remain split about who they are supporting but aren’t split about how much they’re into this match, chanting “this is awesome!” Lots of near falls as early in the match Cora Jade attempts to get Nattie into the Sharpshooter but denied as she reaches the ropes!

In the final third, Jade actually gets Nattie into the Sharpshooter but breaks it after selling a previous knee injury in the match. Nattie gets the Sharpshooter locked in and Cora Jade refuses to quit, crawls her way to the ropes once but Nattie drags her back to the center, a second time Cora is nearly able to get to the ropes but Natalya drags her back again! Cora Jade didn’t tap out, “her body quit, she passed out from the pain.” Interesting.

Nattie stands tall as she extends a handshake to Cora Jade and the show ends in a hug as Barrett says on commentary “Cora Jade is an unbreakable spirit and she can hang with the very best.”

Nikkita Lyons vs. Arianna Grace

Nikkita Lyons advances in NXT 2.0 Women’s Breakout tournament after an impressive debut from Arianna Grace after Lyons suplexes Grace and then hits her with her split leg drop with that signature Nikkita Lyons pin.

Grayson Waller and Tiffany Stratton vs. Andre Chase and Sarray

This match was some delightful professional wrestling shenanigans that were quite enjoyable. Decent action, an ongoing storyline albeit a little shoehorned together, wacky costumes, c’mon!

That dastardly air horn factors in again as it distracts the ref, Tiffany Stratton jumps over the top rope in an awesome move but she hit taunt when she should have gone for the pin and Sarray capitalizes, rolling her up and getting the win.

Solo Sikoa & Cameron Grimes in the ring

Sikoa locks Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes out of the back of the performance center and takes over their mic time!

The crowd is so hot for Solo Sikoa!

Cameron Grimes comes out and tells Solo that he will get next dibs… after In Your House, whoever is champ – Solo Sikoa has next shot at the North American Championship.

Back in the parking lot, LDF discover Cruz Del Toro was kidnapped and calls Tony D, there’s a relatively long back and forth that ends in Santos Escobar telling D’Angelo “F**k you” and Tony flipping a table.


Alba Fyre vs. Amari Miller

A fully repackaged Alba Fyre makes her debut with the former Kay Lee Ray getting a new entrance, a new look (in regards to attire, signature red long locks remain!) and she gets the win over Amari Miller.

Wade Barrett on commentary references Rhea Ripley having joined the Judgment Day on Raw and this entrance and all the character details + her awesome in-ring talent… I hope SHE joins Edge’s faction!

Sloane Jacobs vs. Fallon Henley

The NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament gets started with all the ladies on the ramp with intangibles!

These two have a fine match with entirely unnecessary for Briggs and Jensen to be roaming around but they didn’t prove to interfere in the match thankfully. I believe Jensen is literally wearing a “Virginity Rocks” shirt so we’re going there I guess, damn WWE.

Fallon Henley wins to advance to the next round of the Breakout tournament.

It seems Tony D doesn’t appreciate Santos Escobar’s previous comments as he and his goombahs attack in the parking lot! They kidnap Cruz Del Toro and drive off with him.

Backstage bits and bobs

Yes! It’s happening! Grayson Waller and Tiffany Stratton and are hanging out going shopping! I am all about this pairing, please adopt an obnoxious character trait of ending every statement with “babe” to address one another post haste, thank you!

Later backstage, Sarray approach Andre Chase and Bodhi Hayward before his match with Waller, shouting in Japanese that she cannot forgive Tiffany and Grayson for what they did, she wants Chase to make his match an intergender match! Luckily, Bodhi speaks Japanese (duh he’s in Japanese 202 with Professor Miller on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2 to 4, lol wow, what a script!) and she does the teachable moment pose along with Hayward to end the segment.

Backstage a segment between Creed Brothers and Roderick Strong reveals the newest member of Diamond Mine – Damon Kemp! 

Backstage with McKenzie Mitchell, Santos Escobar says A.J. Galante shouldn’t have been at that meeting anyway and Tony D’Angelo’s crew is going learn the hardway that they WILL respect Legado Del Fantasma!

Alba Fyre is putting over her new name by having her signature green baseball bat on fire in the parking lot? Um, this particular bit is hard to explain so I’m taking my mulligan for tonight and will use this vintage reference: think Michael Scott’s original proposal idea for Holly + a baseball bat.

Wendy Choo and Roxanne Perez vs. Toxic Attraction

After a Mandy interference, Toxic Attraction win and proceed to lay a mighty beatdown on Wendy Choo after the match.


What’s this now…?

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