WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results – May 31, 2022

10 months ago by Amanda Savage

WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results – May 31, 2022 WWE

It’s time for the final stop on the road to NXT ‘In Your House’ this coming Saturday, with tonight’s episode of NXT 2.0 on the USA Network!

Here’s what’s in store for us tonight:

  • ‘Championship Summit’ with Toxic Attraction and their In Your House opponents – Wendy Choo, and the team of Katana Chance & Kayden Carter
  • Cameron Grimes vs. Nathan Frazer
  • Elektra Lopez vs. Cora Jade

All that and more as In Your House comes our way this weekend, headlined by Bron Breakker defending the NXT Championship against Joe Gacy.

Follow along below for all the updates, results and reactions to tonight’s show!

Cameron Grimes vs. Nathan Frazer

While we get zingers on commentary from Carmelo and Trick, the in-ring action is exceptional as these two put on an absolute show and a wonderful showcase of a couple of NXT’s most brightly shining stars. Buried amongst some really weird stuff are still actually great wrestlers and look no further than this match to see that! Worth checking out for sure.

Cameron Grimes was able to get the win after a hard-fought battle.

After the match, Melo and Williams get shots in on Grimes but retreat up the ramp as the show goes off the air.


Ivy Nile vs. Kiana James

Random but storyline relevant match in the end as it was James who planted the seeds with Nile regarding being all alone in a disbanded Diamond Mine after Saturday which came back around after Nile beats James here.

After Ivy Nile wins, Pretty Deadly comes out and also asks Ivy Nile what she’s gonna do when Diamond Mine closes? She’s worked up but the Creeds are there and toss Pretty Deadly into the ring and there’s a brawl! Pretty Deadly also accidentally drop their belts and this segment too ends with the faces holding up their borrowed belts.

I don’t fully understand her gimmick but Kiana James might be able to work, we can all let it play out. Seems a little antiquated but earlier her faux Burberry tube top made me realize NXT is lacking a ruthlessly mean girl who is also portrayed as smart. Stratton is meant to be mean but also vapid and shallow, a strategically cunning mean girl could be an interesting foil to a lot of these face archetypes.

Grayson Waller vs. Josh Briggs

Fun match, the crowd had dueling chants of “You can’t wrestle!” and “Yes he can!” from the crowd. Waller needs a more substantive feud, I don’t know they broke up the pairs I thought maybe he and Stratton would team up against (I miss InDex & DuSia!)

Near the end of the match, Robert Stone, Von Wagner and Sofia Cromwell appear and end up causing somewhat of a distraction interference as Grayson Waller is able to sneak out the win and scampers away!

Solo Sikoa vs. Duke Hudson

Among the members of the NXT roster, this is a match I could easily see on the main roster as both big men put on an entertaining match.

A big splash for Solo Sikoa to pick up the pinfall and the victory.

Contract Signing

Katana Chance and Kayden Carter are on fire in this promo and are honestly great on the mic for people I’ve never seen in the ring on a mic in front of the crowd! Mandy does a great job of acting upset the crowd is choosing Choo over her.

The whole thing devolves into brawl after Rose signs the contract and Choo shoots a spit ball at her and it was more funny than it sounds.

Wendy Choo goes off the top rope into a sleepy pose elbow onto Mandy Rose and through the table while the crowd chants “Holy Shit!”

The segment ends as the faces stand tall and pose with their snatched titles over their heads.

Joe Gacy and Bron Breakker backstage

Joe Gacy challenges Bron Breakker to let his anger consume him and give him what he deserves. Gacy is taunting Breakker into going too far during the match because “one way or another, that championship is coming home with me.”

Bron Breakker is backstage and Gacy’s stupid creepy laugh starts up again and makes the lights flicker and Bron gets super pissed, “C’mon Joe! We can do this right now!” and picks up the TV he was just watching that creepy video on and shakes it, the strobe light and weird speaker laughing stops.  Bron says his predictability isn’t a weakness, it’s a strength and he’s going to rip Joe Gacy apart!

Wes Lee vs. Xyon Quinn

Before the match backstage, Sanga comes up to Wes Lee who is doing an interview, and says that Lee may not be a giant, but he has a giant heart and wishes him good luck. Oh, brother, that’s a random tag team that I’m inexplicably interested in…

Wes Lee picks up the win!


Roxanne Perez

There’s a long video package about Roxane Perez that is very sweet and while seems very reminiscent of Cora Jade’s origin story, it also includes random footage where she was captured on an old episode of Total Divas as a child fan? She says while her friends were watching Stranger Things, she was watching Raw and SmackDown dreaming about being like Paige and Nikki Bella.

She also includes her friendship with Cora Jade, saying that she is like her big sister. Hope they work into a big program against each other sometime soon because I love the best friends turning on each other storyline – every time!

Cora Jade vs. Elektra Lopez

A fun match that sees Cora Jade emerging as the winner after flying off the top rope,


A yacht sit down

Hey, if reality TV has taught me anything – don’t get in a confrontation on a moving boat. There’s nowhere to go if that goes sideways!

Thankfully for this altercation, no fisticuffs occur as the sitdown results in a match set up for In Your House with a major stipulation – if LDF loses, they join D’Angelo’s family and are under his direction and vice versa. How interesting!

Random Backstage Bits Section

NXT 2.0 has a lot of things where people are standing backstage, here is the running list of those moments –

  • Solo Sikoa told Cameron Grimes that he has his back tonight against Nathan Frazer because he won’t let Camelo Hayes or Trick Williams jump him – he wants Grimes to go to In Your House, beat Hayes because he’s next! Duke Hudson appears to mock Sikoa, they have a short back and forth and will have a match tonight.
  • Grayson Waller giving a crowd of hopefuls the world’s worst pep talk by which he tells everyone how awesome Tiffany Stratton is and maybe they could be more awesome if they tried to be more awesome like her, also that Fallon Henley? YUCK! What a HICK! “Never trust a horse girl,” Waller says before being interrupted by Josh Briggs. I’ll look it up, the non-injured one. He says they can fight tonight and he’s going to give Waller a country ass whooping.
  • Roderick Strong is yelling at Diamond Mine because they interfered in his match and tells the Creed Brothers that if they don’t win at In Your House, they are out of Diamond Mine!
  • Ivy Nile is doing push-ups and Kiana James comes up to her ad asks her if she will still be friends with the Creeds after they lose on Saturday and get kicked out of Diamond Mine? Kiana James is still doing this accountant gimmick and says according to her calculations, they only have a 12% chance of winning. She’s wearing a fake Burberry tube top like an alternate universe girl version of MJF… which they should actually do, book it Hickenbottom! Ivy Nile slams her against the lockers.


Pretty Deadly vs. Damon Kemp and Roderick Strong

Fun tag team match, showing off Damon Kemp alongside some veterans, where everyone looks great.

Pretty Deadly won via pinfall after hitting the Spilt Milk on Roderick Strong.

In Your House Is Approaching

Will Joe Gacy dethrone Bron Breakker this Saturday?

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