WWE Raw Live Results – April 4, 2022

WWE Raw Live Results – April 4, 2022 WWE

It’s here! It’s the most outrageous, most wild and crazy, dare I say even typically the most STUPENDOUS Monday Night Raw of the year – the Raw after WrestleMania!

Confirmed to be appearing on the show via WWE.com:

  • Roman Reigns addresses the WWE Universe
  • Cody Rhodes addresses the WWE Universe too!

Join us back here at 5pm PST / 8pm EST / 1am BST

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Roman Reigns

Roman spent like, 7 minutes getting to the ring to then go – come see me on SmackDown to find out what’s next. I mean I love a good Roman entrance too but damn.

This felt like a real-life version of one of those TK tweets where he tells me I have to watch Rampage to hear something but then on Rampage they just tell me to watch Dynamite for the actual announcement, this was just an announcement of an announcement.

Also, wait so Cody has no possibility at a title shot for the unified title unless he gets drafted across brands or I guess Survivor Series… in November?

Hey you guys – that’s a wrap.
7 days.
30 hours of wrestling shows watched.
1 trip in a time machine back to 1998 (that I basically refuse to return from so sorry family ?)

Street Profits vs. Alpha Academy

I say it all the time but Alpha Academy, Street Profits (+ RK Bro) can run in any iteration just about any week and I’m still into it, it simply doesn’t matter how many times we see it, it’s always good.

Big spots all around, the match ends with a big frog splash from Montez Ford on Gable who sells it for so long that he goes into the commercial break still passed out in the middle of broken pieces of table.

No Gable Steveson.

This Raw after WrestleMania has been slim on surprises which I realize is a trivial complaint but with how little time is left + knowing we have to fit a Roman promo (i.e. super long entrance too probably?) a little disappointed there won’t be any women returning to the Raw roster?

Guess I’ll have to wait for SmackDown!

RK-Bro and Finn Balor vs. Usos and Austin Theory

Before WrestleMania, I hadn’t really heard the crowds go loco bananas for anything other than a Randy Orton hot tag for… weeks. Orton and Riddle seemed to be everyone’s favorite part of Raw and while tonight was no different, there wasn’t the typical story to this match as RK-Bro didn’t take the pin but still lost without a lot of offense.

Austin Theory gets the pinfall victory over Finn Balor after hitting an ATL, takes selfies with Finn’s downed body… again. And another with Jimmy and Jey which is kind of a nice touch to finish the segment.


Queen Zelina & Carmella vs. Natalya & Shayna Baszler

This match didn’t actually happen as before it got kicked off, Zelina hopped on the mic to tell Carmella it was her fault they lost the tag titles because she’s too preoccupied with her man… but he is fine though (lol, false) but this enrages Carmella and those two brawl instead of teaming up.

Then Carmella and Corey aggressively made out.

I’m sure somewhere there are people who want to see this and I love this for them.

MVP with Bobby Lashley + Omos

Bobby Lashley comes out with MVP – Omos joins them and MVP turns heel on Bobby Lashley, leaving him laid out in the ring. Omos could use a manager type in his corner!


You lost? That's cool, now worries.

Liv approaches Rhea backstage to find out what happened out there, Rhea apologizes and said she already got them a championship match next week on Raw, they hug and walk off.

I’ve already added Rhea to my New Brood wish list.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Bron Breakker

“It’s the big leagues, idiot!” – Dolph Ziggler

Nikki Bella’s other ex-boyfriend is still NXT champion after NXT Stand & Deliver and commentary is putting Breakker over big but unfortunately, the crowd sounds muerto.

Breakker with a cool dive over the top rope otherwise I’m not sure there was a LOT of notable spots in this match to discuss… but Bron Breakker picked up the pinfall victory and is the NEW NXT 2.0 champ!

Pumped for Breakker I suppose because I find him delightful but seems disappointing the moment is coming here on Raw instead of Stand & Deliver or even back home on 2.0 where the crowd would have popped I think, most of this crowd was bored? When they show the wide crowd shot, you can pick out who cares about NXT 2.0 because some people are jumping up and excited while the people around them dgaf.


Bianca in-ring promo

That is a NASTY shiner! Bianca thinks Becky should take this time without her title to figure out who she really is because Bianca knows who SHE is – the fastEST, toughEST, strongEST and bEST WWE super star and the NEW Raw Women’s champion!

I was hoping someone interrupted to kick off a new feud tbh but I suppose it is nice to give Bianca (and her heavily swollen eye!) the time to celebrate.


Kevin Owens

Some generic music hits and someone walks out – Ezekiel…?

Corey Graves gave a hint that its someone who looks familiar, maybe just with different facial hair… but I legitimately didn’t know and had to ask a bigger brain than mine.

“I’m not Elias, I’m Elias’ younger brother Ezekiel,” and the crowd chants “No you’re not!” at him.

KO probably just buried this gimmick change by saying “Elias, Eric, Enrique, whatever you want to call yourself…” but we’ll let it play out!

Rhea Ripley and Liv Morgan vs. Sasha Banks and Naomi

Fun match which makes sense in the overall story arc as Ripley and Morgan lose this Championship contender’s match to champs Sasha and Naomi without a Herculean effort but not a squash either.

Rhea rejects Liv after the match, leaving her alone in the ring as she’s not even back up the ramp entirely yet when KO’s music hits (I appreciate they have a very brief stare down themselves) with Liv running behind.

Cody Rhodes is here on RAW!

“So… what do you guys want to talk about?”

Cody Rhodes is here! “Everyone thinks the decision to return to WWE was difficult, it wasn’t.”

Cody goes on to give an emotional promo about Dusty Rhodes before saying he is FINALLY READY and he’s going to do it!

Seth Freakin’ Rollins music hits and he comes to the ring just to have Cody extend his hand for a handshake, Rollins shakes his hand and then quietly, “Welcome home,” and walks off.


I mean, there are really only so many more of these jokes we can make so I do hope that Veer in fact really does come tonight.

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