WWE Raw Live Results – May 2, 2022

11 months ago by Amanda Savage

WWE Raw Live Results – May 2, 2022 WWE

Welcome to Monday Night Raw! on tonight’s show according to WWE.com:

  • “The Bloodline looks to take over Monday Night Raw tonight”

Seriously, that’s it. That is all WWE.com have announced… so presumably more because this is a three hour show!

Join us back here at 5pm PST / 8pm EST / 1am BST for all the Raw action!

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Becky Lynch, Sonya Deville, Rhea Ripley vs. Liv Morgan, Asuka, Bianca Belair

I didn’t understand how this match was going to go thirty minutes but figured it out when the bell that rang as Becky entered and the bell before the match? 15 minutes.

So this was a solid, enjoyable match with some rough spots but overall a fun showcase of multiple feuds going on in the women’s division. After Sonya got caught using her feet for the pin which Bianca shut down by knocking them off the rope, distracting Deville, Liv Morgan was able to capitalize, hitting an Oblivion on Sonya for the win for the babyfaces in this go-home edition of Raw.

Bobby Lashley vs. Cedric Alexander

This is a little confusing but essentially this match gets started for only a few seconds when Omos’ music hits and MVP and Omos come to the ramp and MVP starts live narrating Bobby’s match including calling him Roberto repeatedly. Cedric Alexander gets a couple moves in before Bobby starts destroying him first smashing him into the ring post on the outside, then a giant spear and a big Hurt Lock and wins via submission.

Seth Freakin' Rollins Appreciation Night

Seth says that he’s gotten put together the best highlight reel in the history of highlight reels while the crowd chants for Cody but as the video plays… it is instead Cody’s entrance. Cody continues to look startled by pyro (in his defense, his entrance does have a lot of pyro.)

They face off in the ring, Cody calls Seth delusional – Seth calls Cody AND Dusty Rhodes delusional and says what they have in common is that Dusty wasn’t good enough to get the WWE championship and as long as Seth’s here, neither will Cody.

They trade a few blows including a Cody Cutter with Seth retreating, both sort of ripping their loud suits off with Cody tossing Seth’s wild pattern jacket into the crowd (rendering those wild pattern pants useless! but I hope to see them tailored and on Becky soon!) and the segment ends with Seth telling Cody by way of the camera, he’ll see him in 6 days at Backlash!


24/7 shenanigans

Oh dear, this is a lot – Dana Brooke lost her 24/7 to Nikki A.S.H. in a backstage segment leading to the in-ring match where Brooke reclaimed her 24/7 title from Nikki before being lightly attacked by everyone she knows…? All the usual suspects try and pin her but notably R-Truth and then Reggie! She climbs on top of the announcer’s desk to announce she wants a divorce!

Later in a backstage segment, R-Truth offers his legal services to Reggie who did not sign a pre-nup. His business card says “a squire” instead of esquire. You know, I’m glad we went the divorce court route versus the baby route. I don’t know who is writing this stuff but I often wonder what their life is like, I hope they get good rest tonight! It would be stressful to try and come up with new gags for this odd assortment of talented players week after week.

One less jester to worry about, Nikki A.S.H. as she is approached by Doudrop backstage who asks her if she’s done with this tomfoolery yet. Not a direct quote but essentially – yes! What a duo! I am here for them as a tag team!!

The Miz with Mustafa Ali, Theory

An interesting Miz TV which sees Miz and Theory again somewhat poke fun at the Ali situation which feels partly cheeky, partly gross? But it is nice to see Ali, even if it is losing in a 2-on-1 handicapped Championship contender’s match after a skull-crushing finale leads to a pinfall loss for Ali.


"We are Judgment Day"

Well, I wanted the Dashing Cody Rhodes back, I guess I got him… he’s just coming out of Edge. He says the fans are all grotesque, etc. It is not that entertaining for Edge to be so lowest common denominator but we’ll “let it play out,” I’m keeping it positive!

AJ Styles is out to take on Priest with the stipulation that if he is successful, Damian Priest is banned from ringside at WrestleMania Backlash. Styles picks up the win.

In a post-match beatdown angle, Edge and Priest are going after Styles when Finn Balor joins the fray and makes the save. They ‘too sweet’ each other… interesting!

Veer Mahaan vs. Burt Hansen

There’s a video clip package of last week’s Deville vs. Belair shenanigans after which Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville are talking backstage with Pearce saying “upper management” wants her to have to compete in a big six-woman tag match tonight, but “without any xecutive privilege.”

Byron Saxton in the ring to interview Veer’s opponent Burt Hansen from Greensboro who says it’s his dream to be on Monday Night Raw, it is nice but we sort of know what is coming next…

Veer applies the cervical clutch and his opponent first taps… then Veer goes in for a second one that leaves him passed out.

Alpha Academy and KO vs. Ezekiel and the Street Profits

Fun match between a lot of solid performers, not sure how long they can keep this particular angle with Kevin Owens and Ezekiel going but having fun while it lasts. The heels pick up the pinfall victory when Chad Gable gets a roll up on Ezekiel.

Roman Reigns kicks off the show!

Roman Reigns and the Bloodline kick off the show but we barely have time to acknowledge him when RK-Bro sneaks in and attacks from behind, taking out the Usos and leaving Roman in the ring alone with Drew McIntyre!

Almost time for Raw!

I am old enough to remember when there were two distinct hours of television programming, “Monday Night Raw” and “Raw Is War”… ah the good old days, when Raw was only two hours (always with a run-over though for the cliffhangers!) Welp, we’ll find out what tonight has in store very soon!

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