WWE Raw Live Results – May 23, 2022

WWE Raw Live Results – May 23, 2022 WWE

One week removed from one of the biggest news stories of the year so far, it’s time for WWE Raw again on the road to Hell in a Cell.

Sasha Banks and Naomi took a stand last week in their disagreement with WWE’s plans and legitimately walked out of the show, and if you were expecting to see them back this week, well, don’t.

However, here’s what you CAN expect, because WWE has announced the following for tonight:

  • Bobby Lashley has an ‘All Mighty challenge’ for Omos
  • Cody Rhodes vs. The Miz
  • Becky Lynch addresses her loss to Asuka last week

That sounds like a pretty unassuming line-up, but so did last week, and that went well.

Whatever happens tonight, be sure to follow along with our live coverage below for all the results, updates and shenanigans, because as we learned seven days ago, anything can happen in the World Wrestling Federation.

Becky Lynch vs. Asuka

A great match between Becky and Asuka, they remain on fire as ever and it actually amped up the idea that the HIAC bout could get even better versus just feeling like a random extra was tossed in at the last minute!

In a fun spot that saw Becky sitting on Bianca’s lap who was at ringside (although, unlike Kevin Owens, wasn’t shouting loudly enough to be on commentary whilst not on commentary) Asuka intended to plant a huge kick on Becky, instead laid out Bianca who remained laid out until the end of the show.

Becky comes out on top, winning the match and being added to the match at HIAC making it a triple threat for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship, Asuka vs. Becky Lynch vs. champ Bianca Belair.

Bobby Lashley vs. MVP

Yes, you read that correctly – this is Bobby Lashley vs. Montel Vontavious Porter!

Someone out there LOVES this feud and I’m super happy for them!


Ezekiel vs. Chad Gable

Owens at ringside, not even on commentary but shouting loudly enough that he is essentially still on commentary. to the point, you can hear his loud rant about STEAK SAUCE! I hope K.O. and Alpha Academy continue, they’re so funny together.

Otis gets ejected from ringside but as the ref turns around, Owens is also in the ring and the ref throws him out too! He starts yelling at Otis again on the outside and they are nary away from ringside before Ezekiel gets the pin on Chad Gable for the victory and books it out of the ring and into the crowd!

K.O. grabs a mic and challenges Ezekiel to Hell In A Cell! Ezekiel screams yes!


Cody Rhodes vs. The Miz

This is an enjoyable match that seemed poised to end in shenanigans as we get kicked off before a commercial break, and come back to continued fast-paced action.

You can’t say a Cody Cutter isn’t fun to see, it just is! This is charming character work for Cody in that, boy is the Miz easy to hate and Cody is so over with the crowd is makes everything he does even more electic. This will add to the sense of travesty when we see Cody on the top rope, poised to do something cool when he is knocked off by Seth freakin’ Rollins (who fashion update: also has on matching orange shoes) who throws him off the top and then an attack ensues as Miz and Rollins join forces in the beatdown, ending on them tossing Rhodes with fervor into the ring steps.

Rollins is leaving ringside until he goes up to the little kid that Cody had given his leather belt to, snatches it out of his hands and goes back to the commentary desk where Cody is and whips him with it big time while the crowd goes nuts, they’re chanting Cody, he is HOBBLING back over to this child that Rollins stole from and gives it back to him, oh boy. Adrenaline, in my soul. Something, something, Cody Rhodes amirite?!

Alexa Bliss vs. Nikki A.S.H.

Backstage with Alexa Bliss, she is super happy and says she’s glad she’s able to show more of her personality – reflects that she used to tag with Nikki A.S.H. but now she carries around a Lilly doll and Nikki dresses up like a superhero “well it sounds weird when you say it out loud.” Yes sis, yes it does. They were tag team champions at WrestleMania 36!

Fascinating commentary with Graves saying first that this was an opportunity for both of them to raise their profile in the women’s division then secondly that Bliss was showing no urgency like she was in cruise control right before she hits a Twisted Bliss to pin Nikki A.S.H. for the victory. Bliss is very smiley and takes Lilly and leaves.

Backstage, Bert is with Seth Rollins who is wearing a black with blue floral suit and orange dress shirt with matching orange tie for those of you who needed the fashion report – Rollins says it makes him physically ill to hear the name Cody. Did you know there’s even a countdown clock for Cody Rhodes? WHERE DOES IT STOP!?!

Well not here because here’s Cody Rhodes’ entrance which honestly is perfect placement because the crowd is super into it so they’ll have a nice time while we watch more adverts!

King's Court with Veer Mahaan

A King’s Court with Jerry Lawler and Veer Mahaan! No thanks, but okay, it’s happening so let’s go! Jerry asks Veer several unanswered questions, including “Why have you targeted the Mysterios, Veer?!” Lawler mistakenly calls them “The Dominicks” but eventually Veer (much like the rest of the world) is sick of the sound of Lawler’s voice.

Veer speaks! “Look Jerry, I’m not here to joke around. Rey Mysterio is a legend but he’s too busy worrying about his little boy Dominick and he, that made him weak, and I took both of them out.”

He threatens Lawler, the Mysterios run out and they have an exchange, the Mysterios stand tall after mixing it up.

Judgment Day (Rhea Ripley and Damian Priest) vs. Liv Morgan and AJ Styles

A fantastic, hard-hitting, and fun to watch with a solid storyline albeit burgeoning on repetitive sometime soon. But it is free to be hopeful so we’ll let it play out! AJ Styles and Damian Priest and Liv Morgan and Rhea Ripley put on great matches individually which plays well in this intertwining mixed-tag match.

Ultimately, Judgment Day stands tall as Ripley pins Morgan to pick up the pinfall victory with a folding press.

After the match, AJ Styles is outnumbered as Judgment Day attacks Styles and then Rhea lays out Morgan with a Riptide while Judgment Day stands tall.

Backstage The Miz is with Bert (Kevin Patrick) and says that he is sick and tired of Cody Rhodes! The highlights are as follows: “Because in one life, there’s one thing life he knows: You never trust a man with a neck tattoo” “Cody’s ego is out of control, he has more pyro than the Fourth of July.” “I’m like the Kim Kardashian of the WWE.” lol.

Judgment Day


Edge teases possible new members of Judgment Day saying – “Will it be Tommaso Ciampa? Corey Graves? Alexa Bliss? Drew McIntyre? Didn’t see that one coming, did ya!? Finn Balor? What about you AJ Styles?…” and goes on to tell Styles he can still join, then AJ’s kids can call him Uncle Edge!

We personally call AJ Styles “Uncle Alan” in this house because we are McKenzie and Mama stans around here.

Liv Morgan makes her entrance and runs back to stand by for AJ Styles’ entrance.

Corey Graves is really putting over Judgment Day on commentary, he literally says: “that is an extremely attractive offer to many around the WWE Universe…” Hmm. Corey Graves?!

Oh okay!

Bobby Lashley in-ring for a promo (which I usually am a little underwhelmed by) but business picks up as Lashley challenges MVP to a match, tonight!

MVP and Omos come down to the ring and circle him in the ring but Lashley is able to knock MVP off the apron. MVP repeats numerous times that he will be responsible for Bobby Lashley’s downfall!

6 man tag match - Usos & Sami Zayn vs. Riddle & Street Profits

Riddle rushes the Usos to kick off the match after a fiesty promo backstage from the Usos about putting down Randy Orton!

The expected spotfest ensues and this is the kind of big tag team action that is worth checking out to see it for yourself. Montez Ford is so, so good. There was a solid final segment of the match with it ending in Riddle getting fired up in tribute to Orton, all the while the Usos sell Zayn out by abandoning him to take the RKO from Riddle and get the loss via pinfall for their team.

Riddle and the Street Profits stand tall!

Riddle kicks off the show

Riddle comes to the ring and talks about his loss from Friday SmackDown but more importantly, appears genuinely emotional talking about how Randy Orton was having back pain and he wasn’t sure there would ever be another opportunity to be RK-Bro.

He led the crowd in one last RK-Bro chant and pointed to every possible camera to inform Randy who he knew was watching at home, this is for you Randy + we love you Randy!

I am easily worked, that might be why I’m a wrestling fan in general but this seemed very heartfelt from Riddle. I hope that Randal Keith Orton is back on-screen sometime very soon, even if he just pops up and hangs out at ringside for Riddle!

Cody Rhodes Vs. The Miz, Again!

The rematch everyone has been dying to see…

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