WWE SmackDown Live Results – March 25, 2022

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WWE SmackDown Live Results – March 25, 2022 WWE

WWE SmackDown Live Results – March 25, 2022

Planned for the show per WWE.com

  • Fallout from Brock Lesnar’s attack on Roman Reigns and The Bloodline 
  • Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Jimmy Uso 
  • Sasha Banks, Rhea Ripley, Shayna Baszler and Queen Zelina in a Fatal 4-way match

Follow along here for all the updates along during the second-to-last SmackDown before WrestleMania 38 at 5PM PST/ 8PM EST

Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns

Brock still doesn’t get his hands on Roman but he does get his mitts on just about everyone else at ringside as he pops up from behind Roman on the commentary desk before takinga  steel chair to again, a seemingly limitless number of security guards as he also chases off McAfee and Cole so the show ends with silence but Brock triuphantly holding up a chair while still on top of the desk.

Fatal Four Way – Sasha Banks vs. Rhea Ripley vs. Shayna Baszler vs. Queen Zelina

Great match that unfortunately this entire section of notes are lost to history now after some connection hiccup but the short recap: while all the women looked great, Sasha Banks had the well deserved opportunity to shine here not only picking up the win via submission with a Bank Statement on Zelina, at one point she had both she and Baszler in the crossface at the same time!

Backstage, Megan interviews Sami Zayn who says he loves an anything goes stipulation at WrestleMania for his match against Johnny Knoxville; if he wants to dance on Knoxville’s face while drinking a cappuccino, he can! Zayn says Knoxville is going to experience punishment in a way that has never, ever, EVER been seen in a WWE ring before – Foreshadowing!

Austin Theory runs by and slaps off McAfee’s headset from behind and keeps running as a chase ensues as we watch Pat sprint after him until he slips into Mr. McMahon’s office. McAfee slaps the door, yells “hey!”

Angel Garza vs. Ricochet

Apparently, in another last-minute change, commentary sounds confused as the match was originally announced as Humberto Carrillo but it changed to Angel Garza – after a fast back and forth sees Garza actually pick up the victory on Ricochet, making him the #1 contender for the Intercontinental Championship, Ricochet hops on the mic and tells Carrillo to come get a whooping and a second match starts!

Humberto Carrillo vs. Ricochet

A fairly short match with typically great Ricochet moves that ends with chicanery. With both men outside the ring, the referee is counting to 10 and Angel Garza who had rolled under the ring grabbed Ricochet’s foot so he lost via count out.

“Ronda on the Rampage”

Next! A recap of their feud kicks off the segment. Ronda delivers about 5 flat and boring lines that are spliced back and forth with a pre-taped Charlotte retort. It was fell very flat.

Noteable quoteable, after thinking she goofed up the name of the title, Ronda adlibbed “Why do we even have to say women anyway? You can call me the SmackDown Champion!”

Essentially the entire promo was – Ronda started breaking arms at age 13, she liked it, she kept track of how many she broke until she couldn’t… if Charlotte beats her at WrestleMania it will be the best moment of her career, when Ronda breaks Charlotte’s arm at WrestleMania she’ll just be another loser she won’t remember later and dropped the mic.

Backstage, Kayla approaches Brock who invites her to sit down, “Welcome to Roman Reigns’ locker room! Would you like some rotten grapes? Some cheap champagne maybe?” He isn’t leaving. In fact, she should go tell Roman he should hurry up because Brock’s starting to run out of things to break! and then throws a perfectly ugly lamp.

Ridge Holland vs. Xavier Woods

So while the match is announced up until the bell that it is Kofi Kingston vs. Ridge Holland, it really is the returning Xavier Woods taking on Ridge Holland for a FAST roll-up victory. There are mere moments of Kofi and Woods on the ramp when we go into a pre-taped segment from Roman Reigns.

Paul Heyman makes a partial introduction but from the back of a town car, the camera pans over to Roman who is threatening Brock – if he doesn’t get out of his locker room by the time he gets to Barclay’s center, he is going to bust his head open again!

Drew McIntyre and Happy Corbin Recap

Backstage with Drew McIntyre, Drew says that this match is personal because Happy Corbin tried to end his career. Watching Corbin scurry in fear makes him… happy! He wants the most eyeballs watching at WrestleMania as he wipes that stupid grin off of Happy Corbin’s face… permanently!

A very funny video package about Corbin’s rise from his destitute character until now. Backstage, Corbin and Madcap Moss are joking around but after Moss calls Corbin bald, he shakes his head and walks away.

Pat McAfee quote of the segment: “Poop, like, bum ass.”

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Jimmy Uso

The respective competitors’ tag team partners Jey Uso and Rick Boogs are at ringside for this first of two WrestleMania 38 preview matches set for tonight’s show. Of course, there is two things guaranteed in this match – there is compelling action going on inside the ring but absolute tomfoolery goes on outside the ring as Boogs and Jey Uso continue to have back and forth squabbles, continuing to set the scene for their (rather flimsily) built match at WrestleMania.

After another distraction on the outside sees Boogs get the best of Jey as he hits the ring post, Shinsuke Nakamura hits the Kinshasa on Uso setting up the pinfall victory.

Brock Lesnar is in the building! 

The show kicked off with backstage bits where we get a recap of the action last week into Brock Lesnar awaiting Roman Reigns’ arrival, including hanging out inside his private locker room, “Not as nice as mine, but nice” – apparently at least the Usos are in the building, their match is up first!

Almost Show Time!

Check back here for all the live updates from tonight’s SmackDown as soon as the show starts!

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