LIVE UPDATES – WWE Clash At The Castle 2024 Kickoff: Drew McIntyre, Triple H, Cody Rhodes & More

LIVE UPDATES – WWE Clash At The Castle 2024 Kickoff: Drew McIntyre, Triple H, Cody Rhodes & More WWE

Welcome to our live coverage for the WWE Clash At The Castle Kickoff show featuring Drew McIntyre, Triple H, Cody Rhodes and more.

The Kickoff show will begin at 4pm BST / 11am ET on Friday, June 14 and is scheduled to last for an hour, and we’ll keep you posted with everything that goes down.

The Kickoff is set to feature live on-stage appearances from host Michael Cole, WWE Chief Content Officer Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque, and numerous WWE stars who’ll be in action at Clash at the Castle itself.

Advertised to appear Kickoff show specifically are the opponents in three matches, those being Damian Priest vs Drew McIntyre, Bayley vs Piper Niven, and Cody Rhodes vs AJ Styles.

The Kickoff is taking place at Hall 4 in the SEC Centre, and is free for fans in Glasgow to enter,

A little while after the Kickoff show on Friday, SmackDown will air live from the OVO Hydro in Glasgow at 7pm BST / 2pm ET, with Clash at the Castle then taking place the same place and same time on Saturday.

Below, we’ll keep you updated throughout the Kickoff show as there are often news stories that come out of these events, so you can be all up to date on the plans for Clash at the Castle.

See you back here at 4pm BST / 11am ET for live coverage of the Kickoff!

WWE Clash at the Castle Kickoff Live Updates

4:03pm – We are live, and Michael Cole is out to host the Kickoff, very modestly calling himself “the voice of WWE”. Cole brings out WWE’s CCO, Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque!

4:06pm – The fans in attendance sing along with Triple H’s entrance music. Upon Drew McIntyre being mentioned, there’s definitely a pocket of fans chanting for CM Punk, which is interesting. Michael Cole says it’s all thanks to Triple H that WWE is hosting these shows in Scotland, but Triple H says it’s because of the fans.

4:10pm – Michael Cole once again says we’re in the Triple H era, which is basically what he does in every single one of these Kickoff shows, and Triple H once again says it’s a new era because of the fans. That wraps up the Triple H segment which means he asks everyone “are you ready” before leaving. Out next is AJ STYLES, who challenges Cody Rhodes for the Undisputed WWE Championship in an “I Quit match” at Clash at the Castle!

4:14pm – Michael Cole outright asks AJ Styles what he thinks of the new partnership between WWE and TNA. Styles says that if he was in charge, he would do the exact same thing

4:19pm – Michael Cole asks Styles what he’ll do if he says “I Quit” tomorrow. The crowd starts chanting TNA, but Styles just says he’ll cross that bridge if it happens. He says he’ll be the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion, which is the wrong belt but never mind. Styles leaves and then Cole brings out Cody Rhodes, so it’s interesting they’re doing them separately and not a face-to-face, but that’s probably being saved for SmackDown later. Anyway, Cody is here!

4:24pm – Cody says WWE is internally monitoring if Scotland can be as loud as France, which obviously prompts the fans to make a lot of noise. Cody also brings up that his mother is in Scotland with him, so whether that plays into the match tomorrow night, we’ll have to wait and see.

4:27pm – Michael Cole asks Cody if he has it in him to be vicious enough and be willing to break the rules, which he’ll need to do in an “I Quit” match, which Cody doesn’t directly answer but instead asks the crowd if they think he’s capable of doing that, which they obviously say yes to. He then asks if Scotland should have another PLE, which gets another big reaction, and that’s pretty much the end of Cody’s segment as he leaves the stage.

4:30pm – Out next is Scotland’s own Piper Niven, who challenges Bayley for the WWE Women’s Championship!

4:33pm – Cole asks Piper Niven what there is to do in her hometown of Kilbirnie, to which she says there’s nothing but it has a Tesco, which prompts the crowd to start a Tesco chant. Niven then talks about her history in Scottish wrestling, and says wrestling in Japan was “a cakewalk” because Scottish wrestling was so brutal and she’d already gone through that.

4:36pm – This time they are doing a face-to-face, so WWE Women’s Champion Bayley is out onto the stage while Niven is still here.

4:41pm – Bayley is seemingly equally as popular with the fans, which she uses to taunt Niven a little bit. Not much else really happened here other than some general trash talk, other than Niven drinking some Irn Bru which the Scottish fans were pretty happy about. Up next is the big one – Drew McIntyre is soon to be introduced onto the stage.

4:44pm – McIntyre is out on stage, and once again, there’s definitely a pocket of fans chanting CM Punk, but obviously there is overwhelming support for McIntyre himself.

4:52pm – McIntyre decides to start a “Here we, here we, here we f**king go chant”, which Michael Cole quickly wraps up by asking McIntyre if he truly has his eye on the ball this weekend, not mentioning CM Punk but that was the implication. McIntyre shifts into serious mode and says his wife is in emergency surgery and won’t be able to be there to watch him tomorrow, and he’s going to bring the title home for her.

4:55pm – Damian Priest comes out and starts speaking Spanish, before saying the crowd isn’t “hostile”, it’s just a bunch of kids booing. They then call him a wanker, so you can decide if that proves his point or not.

5pm – After a tense back-and-forth, which actually got very tense from Priest who really fired up, McIntyre has the final word with a line you might recognize: “I dream broken dreams. I make them come true. And tomorrow night, I’m gonna make them for you”. We fade to black and that wraps up the Clash at the Castle Kickoff show

Thanks for following along, stay tuned to for all the news on SmackDown and Clash at the Castle in Scotland this weekend!

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