Logan Paul Wants To Create The ‘WWE Multiverse’

Logan Paul Wants To Create The ‘WWE Multiverse’ WWE

Logan Paul may not have been in WWE for a long time but he is obviously here to make a splash as his HUGE third match has been announced.

So what’s next for Logan Paul? Well according to him, bringing WWE into the mainstream and creating a multiverse!

After putting forth an impressive effort at WrestleMania 38 in April, Logan Paul signed with WWE in June and went on to have another big match against The Miz.

Commenting on his goals after yesterday’s press conference announcing his third match with the company, Logan Paul shared his thoughts on what he brings to the table in WWE.

Logan Paul, commenting on his turn with WWE:

“This is no diss to the WWE but I told them this before I signed my contract, I’m a good amplifier. I crossover big, mainstream events. The WWE is a universe and it’s huge, but I told Triple H I want to make this a multiverse.”

“How do we bring in people who aren’t necessarily watching and interested in the WWE to the sport? I think I bring the eyeballs, I think they know it.”

After saying as much in his appearance on the imPAULsive podcast, Triple H acknowledged not really knowing who Logan Paul was when he was initially brought up.

It was however his immense social reach that impressed Triple H who obviously agrees with Paul’s strategy at bringing mainstream eyeballs to the product.

It was announced via a press conference in Las Vegas (in advance of a major boxing bout with copious sports media in town for the event) that Logan Paul’s next WWE match would be a massive one.

Logan Paul will challenge Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Championship at WWE’s next premium live event in Saudi Arabia, Crown Jewel.

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