Los Lotharios Think WWE Forgot They Were Related

Los Lotharios Think WWE Forgot They Were Related WWE

WWE stars Angel and Humberto of Los Lotharios have explained how their tag-team came to be.

The two stars have established themselves as a fun double-act during their time teaming together on the Blue Brand.

Speaking with Fightful, the duo noted that they had pitched to work together while Humberto was still a face, and Angel a heel.

Believing their styles complement eachother, the duo said:

Angel: “We pitched it before, a year, ago more or less. We tried to do this tag team and they were like, ‘We see you, Humberto, as a babyface. You are a heel. So there’s no way for us to put you guys together.’ We were like, ‘Now you have a lot of things to go with, if you put us together.’ ‘We don’t think that.’ Okay, put it on the table, that’s it.

“We kept going with our own paths and then at some point, they were like, ‘Hey, we want to give you guys a shot.’ ‘Of what?’ ‘Tagging each other. You guys are gonna be on Main Event. We want to see you guys together.’ We were like, ‘Okay, great.’ Then, after that, they were like, ‘You guys look great. We have gold right there.’ Hopefully we keep doing the same thing.’”

Humberto: “It feels better because it feels more natural. As you said, we know each other since we were kids. We’re cousins. The stuff that we were doing as kids, now we’re doing right here professionally. It just feels amazing. Just goes natural. I know he has my back, I got his back. We’re complementing each other.”

WWE frequently noted that Angel and Humberto were cousins during their rivalry in 2020. Noting that WWE appeared to forget they were cousins, Angel said:

Angel: “They’re supposed to know that. When they hired us, we did the tryout together. We did everything together. We moved to Orlando almost together. I think they knew we were cousins. But after that, they were like, ‘Oh, you guys are cousins?’ Yes, we are. It all feels natural.”

The duo last wrestled in a dark match before last week’s (July 15) edition of SmackDown. Their most recent televised bout took place on the July 8 episode, losing to The Usos.

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