Luke Harper Set To Return To WWE TV?

4 years ago by Andy Datson

Luke Harper Set To Return To WWE TV?

It has been many a month since we saw the luscious hair and gorgeous beard of Luke Harper on our WWE TV screens, but that could soon be about to change.

Harper was originally off-screen as the result of an injury, but months after recovering, he is still no-where to be seen. Other than an appearance at a handful of live shows and at the Worlds Collide Tournament in April, he’s been as vacant as his former leader Bray Wyatt.

This, according to reports, is partly as a result of Harper requesting his release and publicly admitting to doing so on Twitter, and also because Vince simply doesn’t like him or his character.

However, Mike Johnson of PWInsider is reporting that Harper could be at this week’s Raw and SmackDown TV tapings, which could point towards a potential return.

“We heard rumblings that Luke Harper would be at this week TV tapings,” Mike Johnson said on PW Insider Elite audio.

Now that Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman are partly running the show, perhaps this could be another chance for Luke Harper to make something of himself.

Now that Daniel Bryan has lost the SmackDown tag titles, could Harper reunite with Rowan if Bryan goes solo?

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