Madcap Moss Reveals What He Learned From Happy Corbin

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Madcap Moss Reveals What He Learned From Happy Corbin WWE

WWE star Madcap Moss has revealed what he learned from Happy Corbin during their time together.

Moss and Corbin developed a relationship on the SmackDown brand that started in 2021. The two eventually split shortly after WrestleMania 38 and were rivals on-screen.

Speaking on the Out of Character podcast with Ryan Satin, Moss explained what he learned from Happy Corbin during their time together.

He said:

“Not only is he guiding me, but he also allows me to play off of him as I’m out there, which I think is really important, as opposed to just going out there and having to establish exactly who I am just on my own with a five-minute monologue on the microphone or something like that, or even just in a match, just trying to establish exactly who I am, as opposed to being out there with a guy who I can play off of. We can communicate, we can go back and forth, he can be mad at me, I can feel sorry, he can degrade me and I can get angry, all these things that I can play off of him. So both on-screen and behind the scenes, just a huge benefit, and I think that especially with the audience too, coming up, he has credibility already. Six years, seven years now, maybe, of steady television time. The audience knows exactly who he is. So for me to come up and be a part of him, part of his whole presence and presentation, just did wonders for me. Helped me get ahead and established in the minds of the audience.”

In regards to splitting from Corbin, Moss said:

“Before I came back from when he put me out with the injury, the first SmackDown after WrestleMania was when he was gonna turn on me. That whole day I was like, my whole life in NXT and my short career on the main roster, I’ve been a heel, and it’s just what I’ve done. I haven’t been very popular with the WWE Universe, and it’s been understandable. But even the week before, I won the Andre, and I was trying to cut what was supposed to be a heartfelt promo about winning the Andre, and I started getting chants about how much I suck. I just had to be a delusional winner and say I’m beloved just as much as Andre was.”

Madcap Moss defeated Theory by disqualification on last Friday’s SmackDown. For the full results from the show, click here.

Happy Corbin is now embroiled in a feud with Pat McAfee with the two scheduled to meet at SummerSlam on July 30.

Keep track of Madcap Moss’ win-loss record in WWE (for televised matches) at this link.

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