Former Champion Reveals Vince McMahon’s Attitude To 90s Women’s Wrestling

Former Champion Reveals Vince McMahon’s Attitude To 90s Women’s Wrestling WWE

A former WWE Women’s Champion has spoken about Vince McMahon’s revival of the company’s “dormant” women’s wrestling in the 90s

Madusa, formerly Alundra Blaze, was publicising her upcoming autobiography, The Woman Who Would Be King: The Madusa Story on The A2theK Wrestling Show, when the conversation turned to her relationship with former head of WWE Vince McMahon.

Madusa explained that she had joined WWE at a time when women’s wrestling in the company wasn’t what it should have been, saying:

“Vince was very serious at the moment because it stayed dormant for a while.

“So he wanted to revive women’s wrestling.

“At that point, he wanted a woman that could wrestle and change the game.

“He basically told me he wanted somebody athletic that looked athletic and was athletic, and could carry her own and the company itself.”

Madusa certainly fit the bill, with Greg Valentine contacting Pat Patterson to ensure that Vince knew that she was the woman he needed.

She went on to say that it was the “perfect marriage” and that McMahon was always good to her.

Things would sour in 1995, though, when she would suddenly be released by WWE.

Madusa explained:

“I was always a Vince girl as far as business, and I knew it wasn’t deliberate.”

Recalling the day that it happened, she said:

“I was getting ready to go to town, getting my bags packed, and FedEx came to my door.”

“This is a rib, right?

“This is a joke.

“Nope, called the office and that’s what it was, [they] just let me go.

“I was still their champion.”

The incident would lead to the three-time WWF Women’s Champion leaving behind her Alundra Blaze persona and heading to WCW where she would, infamously, drop the WWF Women’s Championship in the trash.

Transcript from Wrestling Inc.

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10 months ago by Dave Adamson


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