Major AEW Star Thought He Broke His Leg On Dynamite

2 years ago by Louis Dangoor

Major AEW Star Thought He Broke His Leg On Dynamite

The opening match of Dynamite saw The Young Bucks team with SCU to take on The Acclaimed and The Hybrid2 in an incredibly fun eight-man tag team opener.

Bryan Alvarez is reporting that during the match, Nick Jackson thought that he’d broken his leg, which is also why he didn’t hit a Superkick in the main event segment with The Good Brothers and Kenny Omega.

Speaking on the Wrestling Observer Radio on the matter, Alvarez noted that Nick Jackson thought he’d broken one his leg after blocking a Jack Evans 630 Splash with his knees:

“Did you notice Nick didn’t do a superkick there in that last segment? So, story I heard is that in the opening match, Jack (Evans) went for the 630 or whatever, and Nick got his knees up. And whatever happened happened, but Jack landed so hard on his legs that Nick thought he’d broke one of his legs. So if you watch the rest of the match, Nick’s doing the rest of this match thinking his leg might be broken. And he came out at the end of the show and he did the whole angle, he’s trying not to limp, and didn’t throw the superkick because his leg hurt.”

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At this time there is no word on what Nick Jackson has actually done to his leg and if he has suffered a serious injury or any nature. For any potential updates on the matter, stay tuned to

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